Sunday, December 26, 2010

Austrian Carol/Österreichisches Weihnachtslied

Jonathan and Charlotte played this Austrian carol yesterday while we had the tree lit, read stories, and sang Christmas carols.  It is quite dark because they played just by the lights of the tree.  Flora is dancing in the background.

Jonathan und Charlotte haben gestern dieses österreichische Weihnachtslied gespielt während wir den Baum wieder an hatten, Geschichten gelesen haben und Weihnachtslieder gesungen haben.  Es ist ziemlich dunkel, weil sie nur bei Kerzenschein gespielt haben.  Flora tanzt zu der Musik im Hintergrund. 

To celebrate St. Stephen we always get out Good King Wenceslas and sing the song.  Um den heiligen Stephanus nicht zu vergessen und um "Good King Wenceslas" zu singen, gibt es bei uns heute dieses Buch


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  1. Deine Kinder spielen toll! Und mit Floras Sonder-Beilage-Animation ist es einfach nicht zu toppen!

  2. Just listened to the carol, how lovely! Have you taught them to play the recorder Eva?

    I can play basics but our one of our older daughters, Sara, played both descant and treble clef as well as the piano. Emma played piano and then opted to study the flute in her later teen years.

    Well done Jonathan and Charlotte
    Best wishes San x

  3. jonathan and charlotte played so beautifully. your christmas celebration sounds like it was wonderfully peaceful and fun. i love hearing flora dancing about with such joy. and good king wencesles is one of our favorite songs.

  4. Danke C.! Flora mag sehr gerne Musik und macht dann immer "Ballett".

  5. San, yes I'm teaching them. We also started alto recorder, but aren't confident enough with it. I took lessons for the recorder for probably eight years and then switched to the flute. My husband learned to play the piano and saxophone, but we don't have those instruments in our house.
    Your daughter Sara sounds very talented. Does she still have the opportunity to use her talents?

  6. Thank you, Dorina. We had a very pleasant day and hope we can keep the Christmas mood during the next days.

  7. Thanks for sharing. How beautiful!

    I used to play the silver flute in junior high school, but I was never that good, so gave it up. It was a good experience though.

  8. Hi Eva, to answer your question, yes we do sing the traditional Christmas carols, and decorate our home with Christmas trees, Though more with stars and glitter, as opposed to snow ( cotton balls). The food we eat is mainly cold ham,chicken and turkey,with salad, and strawberries and cream for desert.

  9. Thank you, Alexandra! Maybe your children would like to hear you play, though.

  10. Thanks for the explanation, Marie. I still think it would feel very strange to sing "Jingle Bells" in the middle of summer . . . :)

  11. Sara hasn't practiced in ages, I think Em still plays flute as the home sisters record their own music.

    Dave and I both play folk guitar but like so many things once children come along it can be hard to keep up with the hobbies!

    Blessings San x

  12. Folk guitar sounds so nice. My mother plays it also. It's so true about hobbies and children, the hobbies have to be put on a back burner, especially when children are little, but the time will come again:).


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