Friday, December 10, 2010

French Knots/Französische Knoten

We spent most of our day working on Christmas gifts today.  Jonathan and Charlotte needed to practice the French knot for this, which took a while. 

An Early American ChristmasOur Advent picture book today was An Early American Christmas, which describes how German immigrants brought their Christmas traditions to Pennsylvania.  

Jonathan and Flora made a necklace out of wooden beads together.  Later Flora tried it by herself. 

Ranger RickMiriam was engrossed in Ranger Rick.

Die meiste Zeit haben wir mit Basteln von Geschenken verbracht.  Charlotte und Jonahtan mußten dafür einen französischen Knoten fürs Sticken üben.  Das war gar nicht so einfach.  Unser Adventsbilderbuch war heute eine Beschreibung der Entstehung von Weihnachtsbräuchen durch deutsche Einwanderer in Pennsylvanien.  Jonahtan und Flora haben zusammen eine Holzperlenkette gemacht, später hat es Flora dann selbst probiert.  Miriam hat lange in der Kindernaturzeitschrift Ranger Rick gelesen

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  1. your home looks so cozy! (and flora is just so cute). more tomie depaola! we haven't read this one. i'll have to see if our library has it.

  2. I look forward to seeing your handmade gifts.

  3. Lovely picture of big brother and baby sister working together! I also love the concentration on flora's face as she works independently too!

    I've yet to tackle french knots! I found you tube great for a tutorial on blanket stitch! I had forgotten how to do it, and the embroidery book was in the loft room and I did not want to disturb Pip. The internet truly is a mine of information.

    Hope you have a blessed Gaudete day tomorrow
    San and co xx

  4. Thank you, Dorina, our library has most of his books. I bet you'll find it too.

  5. Thank you, San. I've used the internet for some tutorials also. It's quite amazing what you can find!

  6. Hello Alexandra,

    I will have to wait until after Christmas with sharing our little gifts. I have too many readers here that will receive one of our surprises. Our gifts are always simple and easy to make so that the whole family can participate. Last year we made soaps.


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