Friday, July 28, 2017

Card Games/Kartenspiele

I guess a ditch is also a good place for card games.
Ein Graben scheint auch ein guter Ort für Kartenspiele zu sein.  

And Julius was on the other side, looking what they were doing.
Und Julius hat von der anderen Straßenseite zugesehen.  

Here some flower pictures from our yard:
Und hier noch einige Blumen aus dem Garten:


  1. Lazy Summer days! Hope you are managing to get some rest before the term starts xx

    1. No, the "rest" is over. Now we are back to lots of different tasks . . .

  2. Ha! This is funny! Maybe the ground was a little cooler in the ditch? I love the photo of Julius watching from across the street! They look so relaxed and at peace, but yet with a slight hint of summer ennui? (Which is really the way a summer should be, I think.) Your flowers are very pretty. I recognize the sunflowers, but what are the ones on the side? Is one of them lavender?

    1. I suppose so, they find the strangest places sometimes. It does get wet. Peter once slipped while mowing the lawn and almost cut his foot off. He was taken to the hospital. The mower had gone through his shoe into his foot. They are a bit bored because I am justr preparing next year and they have not so much to do. Also, it has been quite hot. No, we do have lavendar, but that is Russian sage and smells really nice.


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