Sunday, July 23, 2017

Father Nelson Baker

Yesterday, we visited together with Charlotte the Father Nelson Baker museum in Lackawanna.  It was very interesting and well done.  We did not manage to see everything and would like to go back.  At the end of my pictures is a short video about the museum and also one about Father Baker himself.  

Gestern haben wir das Father Nelson Baker Museum zusammen mit Charlotte in Lackawanna besucht.  Es war ein sehr interessantes und gut aufgebautes Museum.  Wir konnten gar nicht alles sehen und würden nochmals gerne hingehen.   

We stayed for Mass after the museum visit.
Nach dem Museumsbesuch haben wir die heilige Messe mitgefeiert.  

 Father Baker's tomb
Father Bakers Grab

Then we drove to Wegmans to do some grocery shopping with Charlotte.  Here are a few pictures of the area around Lackawanna.

Danach haben wir mit Charlotte einige Lebensmittel eingekauft.  Hier sind einige Fotos in der Gegend von Lackawanna.

Today, I started on a list of all my First Holy Communion resources.  Next year, Flora will make her First Holy Communion ☺.


  1. This was wonderful to read about. What a beautiful church and Father Nelson must have been a very good organizer and leader. The design and the paintings, the windows and the marble are all so impressive. It's exciting to hear about the people behind all the hard work :)

    1. I think he must have been a fascinating man! He was only 5 feet tall :). And it is truly amazing what he accomplished, including the church.


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