Thursday, November 10, 2016

On His Own/Ganz alleine

Jonathan drove on his own for the first time today, but just to run some errands for me in our village.
Jonathan ist heute zum ersten Mal alleine gefahren, aber nur innerhalb unseres Dorfes, um etwas für mich zu erledigen.  

People are feeling much better again.  Here Flora is knitting a doll.  She is almost done.
Hier fühlen sich die Kranken wieder besser.  Flora strickt im Moment an einer Puppe und ist fast fertig.   


  1. Morgana said that Flora picked up knitting quicker than anyone she had ever taught. She's a very intelligent and nimble child.

    1. That is kind of funny, because she is so slow with many other things, except talking and memorizing poems and stories.


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