Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Chemistry and More/Chemie etc.


Miriam has been doing several experiments to learn about combustion.  Parallel we are reading the book The Mystery of the Periodic Table.  Today, she studied the pneumatic trough and "built" a simple one in the sink.

Miriam macht im Moment verschiedene Experimente zur Verbrennungslehre.  Gleichzeitig lesen wir ein Buch über die Entwicklung des Periodensystems.  Heute hat sie eine einfache pneumatische Wanne im Spülbecken gebaut.   

I spent most of my evening, after driving Jonathan, Charlotte, Miriam, and their three friends to and from ballet, by trying to find the last missing ballet slippers and tights for my Nutcracker dancers.  We need tan colored slippers for Miriam and Veronika and new tights for Jonathan and Charlotte.  Unfortunately, the white tights for Jonathan seem to be out of stock at Discount Dance.  So I have to look for them somewhere else.

Den größten Teil meines Abends habe ich damit verbracht, Ballettschuhe und -strumpfhosen für meine Nußknackerkinder zu suchen.  Miriam und Veronika brauchen braune Schuhe und Jonathan und Charlotte Strumpfhosen.  Leider war die weiße Strumpfhose für Jonathan nicht mehr vorrätig.  Mal sehen, wo wir sie jetzt noch finden können.  Den anderen Teil des Abends und späten Nachmittages habe ich Jonathan, Charlotte und Miriam und ihre drei Freundinnen zum Ballett gefahren und auch wieder nach Hause gebracht.    

Miriam drawing fire
Miriam malt Feuer.

Our first Advent picture book was the sweet book about the tiny star that becomes the biggest star in the Christmas story: The Tiny Star.

Unser erstes Adventsbilderbuch war über einen kleinen Stern, der in der Weihachtszeit ganz groß wird.  Leider gibt es das Buch nicht auf Deutsch.  


  1. Happy Advent Eva :)

    Miriam is doing great work. I love her fire painting. I hope you get this tight situation settled! I remember that it was difficult last year, also (or was it the year before). Good luck with these final Nutcracker rehearsals!

    1. It was last year! We called several places until we finally found a pair. And of course, he tore them on stage.

    2. Oh the joys of tight wearing :-). Hope you manage to sort a pair, it is a shame that J did not buy any in NYC that place must be full of dance shops!

      Please tell Miriam that her Fire painting is beautiful and yes I reckon Wegmans must be the most child friendly store ever, with IKEA as a close second :-)

      Happy Advent to you all xx

    3. Did you find tights, or do you need me to pick up a pair? If I remember right, our stores here didn't have the best selection either . . !? Men's tights are difficult . . that's what I remember! Let me know :)

    4. No, we have not found any so far. The Wear Moi ones seem to be out of stock wherever we look. So he has found a pair from Sansha he thinks will work, but we are not sure if they will get here on time anymore. We will call the store in Buffalo tomorrow morning to see if they have a pair, but I doubt it. If not, we might take you up on your offer to buy a pair and then send it to us via Priority Mail. That might be faster than trying All About Dance. I just placed on order for slippers with Discount Dance, but they are really slow with mailing things out! I ordered them on November 30, but they did not get mailed until today. Would you have time to buy and send a pair tomorrow morning?

    5. I just noticed that the tights are in stock, but the store does not open until 11:00 a.m. That is at the Sansha store.

    6. Hello San, yes, they should have thought of that when they were in the city, but they didn't. I already pointed that out them as well.

      I told Miriam about your kind words about her painting. Yes, Ikea is a good store for families, but the closest Ikea here is in Canada. We do not get to go there often. You also have to go through customs then.


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