Thursday, September 29, 2016

Two Full Days/Zwei volle Tage

 Großmünster Zürich


Julius threw up on the sofa, right before I had to take Peter to campus for his first class (he was running late and I needed the car), so I asked Jonathan and Charlotte to take the cover of the sofa and put it into the washing-machine.  When I was back from campus, they had not really started, which made me very angry.  The anger caused them to work in a hurry, though.  After all, who likes an angry mother?  We then left for church to celebrate the feast day of St. Vincent.  Back home, we did some homeschooling, interrupted by farewells with Peter.  He left for Switzerland.  Then there was lunch and Charlotte left for her music class.  I had my German student here in the afternoon, but first of all, there was a "Where are the hair-pins frenzy?" of all four children that were waiting to get picked up for ballet class that afternoon.  After my student had left, Flora and I drove to pick them up.  We had forgotten our usual fables CD for the car ride, which made Flora very sad.  When we arrived, Jonathan was playing play-doh with the son of our ballet teacher on the floor.  He and Charlotte took turns babysitting him yesterday when the younger children were dancing.  They do earn extra lessons/money that way.  We only picked up Veronika and Miriam.  The other two stayed for different classes.  Back home we had a quick dinner and then went onto campus for a Taizé prayer hour.  That was simply wonderful after such a busy day.  Jonathan and Charlotte got back home around 9:45 p.m.  I stayed up way past midnight then to finish some homework grading for my German class today.

Limmat Zürich


Julius hat sich morgens auf dem Sofa übergeben, genau zu der Zeit, zu der ich Peter auf den Campus fahren sollte, weil er unterrichten mußte, und ich das Auto brauchte.  Es war schon zu spät für ihn, noch zu Fuß zu gehen.  Also gab ich Jonathan und Charlotte den Auftrag, das Sofa abzuziehen und den Bezug in die Waschmaschine zu tun, doch als ich zurückkam, war davon noch nicht viel passiert.  Mutters Zorn sorgte dann aber für Dampf und so ging es dann schneller.  Danach konnten wir in die Kirche fahren, um den Tag des heiligen Vinzenz zu begehen.  Zu Hause gab es Schule, unterbrochen vom Abschiednehmen von Peter, der in die Schweiz geflogen ist.  Dann gab es Mittagessen und Charlotte hatte ihr Musikseminar.  Ich hatte meine Deutschstudentin hier zu Hause, aber vorher gab es noch das Übliche: "Wo sind meine Haarnadeln-Gelaufe?", da vier Kinder zum Ballett abgeholt wurden.  Nachdem ich mit Deutsch fertig war, haben Flora und ich uns auf den Weg gemacht, um zwei der Ballettänzer wieder abzuholen.  Als wir ankamen, hat Jonathan schön mit dem Sohn unserer Ballettlehrerin mit Knete gespielt.  Er und Charlotte haben gestern abwechselnd Babysitting gemacht, während die jüngeren Kinder getanzt haben.  Dadurch verdienen sie sich ein wenig Geld/oder freie Ballettstunden.  Wieder zu Hause mit Veronika und Miriam haben wir schnell gegessen.  Beim College gab es dann einen Taizé Gebetskreis.  Dort sind wir vier alle hingegangen.  Das war sehr schön und gerade das Richtige nach so einem langen Tag.  Jonathan und Charlotte kamen dann um 21.45 Uhr wieder nach Hause.  Ich war noch lange wach (bis nach Mitternacht), um die Hausaufgaben meiner Studenten zu benoten.  



Peter e-mailed us that he landed safely.  Jonathan had his chemistry class early again.  We did do some homeschool activities, but also baked our Michaelmas bread for tomorrow.  I taught my students.  Then it was my turn to drive Jonathan  and Miriam and their two friends to ballet.  Veronika did not have class, but Charlotte had to stay home to watch Flora and Veronika because Peter was not here.  So she had to miss class.  I worked in the library until 7:00 p.m. when the dancing was done.  I drove everybody back, stopped at the grocery store briefly and was finally home.  Charlotte had done a marvelous job in the kitchen.  It was all cleaned up and she had had supper with her two sisters.  (On ballet days, the dancers have to eat on the way back in the car.  You can tell by all the crumbs in in.)  I did LOTS of college-email tonight, I am at least caught up here, but not with my private e-mail.  Tomorrow we will drive to the Waldorf school to celebrate Michaelmas.  We will take my intermediate student with us!  Then, in the afternoon, Charlotte has her music class and I will teach my intermediate student.  After that, I will drive to ballet again.  This time Miriam, Veronika, Flora and Jonathan will stay home.  Thursdays is Peter's driving day, but he is enjoying Lake Constance!  Normally Miriam, Veronika, and Jonathan would also have ballet class, but I cannot leave early enough to get Miriam and Veronika there.  So they will have to skip class.  And Jonathan will have to watch them and Flora while I am gone with Charlotte and friends.  All very complicated.

I do have pictures of our baking, but I have no idea where the camera went!  So, good-night!

Landesmuseum Zürich


Peter hat gemailt, daß er gut in Zürich angekommen ist.  Jonathan hatte früh Chemie.  Wir haben ein wenig gelernt, aber dann unser Michaelibrot für morgen gebacken.  Ich habe nach dem Mittagessen unterrichtet.  Dann mußte ich Jonathan und Miriam und ihre beiden Freundinnen zum Tanzen fahren.  Eigentlich sollte Charlotte auch mit, aber sie mußte sich um Veronika und Flora kümmern, was sonst Peter zu der Zeit tut.  Ich habe in der Bücherei gearbeitet, bis die Tänzer um 19.00 Uhr fertig waren.   Auf der Rückfahrt war ich noch kurz einkaufen, dann kamen wir endlich wieder hier zu Hause an.  Charlotte hatte ihre beiden Schwestern mit Abendessen versorgt und die ganze Küche gemacht!  Die Tänzer essen immer im Auto an den Tanztagen, was man leider an den vielen Krümeln auch sehen kann.  Ich habe eben viele Collegeemails beantwortet.  Meine privaten Emails bleiben immer liegen, doch die Collegeemail kann ich nicht vernachlässigen.  Morgen fahren wir für Michaeli zur Waldorfschule!  Meine Studentin kommt auch mit.  Dann hat Charlotte wieder Musik, und ich fahre wieder zum Ballett.  Dieses Mal bleibt Jonathan mit Flora, Veronika und Miriam hier.  Normalerweise fährt Peter immer am Donnerstag, doch ist er ja nicht da.  Außerdem kann ich nicht so früh fahren, wie er, weil ich noch meine Deutschstudentin am Nachmittag habe.  Deshalb fällt für Veronika und Miriam Ballett aus.  Das ist alles sehr kompliziert!  

Ich habe auch Fotos vom Brotbacken, doch den Fotoapparat kann ich im Moment nicht finden.

Landesmuseum Zürich

P.S, Peter took all the pictures this time!
P.S. Peter hat dieses Mal alle die Fotos gemacht!


  1. Hello Eva,

    I need to get to sleep also :) I've been up looking at old pictures from 2007 . . thinking of my dad and getting a bit nostalgic :) Your days do sound complicated and busy! How nice that Charlotte had taken such good care of everything. How did Jonathan think he did with his Chemistry exam? I need to check and see if I have raisins for our Michaelmas bread . . and to also put up our autumn mobile.

    Lake Constance is very beautiful! How nice that Peter can be there.

    Have a good Michaelmas Day. Enjoy the festivities at the Waldorf School.

    xoxo, Dorina

    1. Oh, how nice to look at old pictures! Then you normally realize how much you miss a person.

      My days are too full. We are not doing much homeschooling during Peter's absence. But he will be back soon.

      Jonathan got 90%! That is an A-. The average grade was a D! We must have done something right :).

      Peter has sent beautiful pictures. I have to post them. He gave his talk yesterday and is going to Konstanz tomorrow. Then he will travel to St. Gallen. I have been to all these places and know how pretty it is there.

  2. Jetzt ist Peter in der Schweiz und wir in England.
    Das sind ja wahre Marathontage bei euch!

    1. Komisch, nicht wahr? Ja, ich glaube so einen verrückten Herbst haben wir noch nie gehabt. Es geht auch so weiter, ohne Pause.

  3. P.S. It's so unpleasant when the cats throw up . . I hope the smell and the stain comes out of your sofa cover. It's good you can just take it off and put it in the washer.

    1. The smell came out! I am so thankful that we can take that cover off and wash it. I also used some upholstery spray on the futon itself. That kills the odor.

  4. Gosh Eva, sending you big hugs from this dude if the pond. Your days sound very complicated, either that or my brain is frazzled from all the driving. I really hope that you manage to get some much needed quiet time over the weekend.

    Lots of love San xx

    1. So funny a typo, I am not a dude!!! Lol :-) xx

    2. I can need lots of hugs. I have driven over 340 km when adding up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

      I just finished preparing lunch for tomorrow. I also baked a bread and muffins. I will still make a cake tomorrow morning. I normally bake a cake for Sundays. Unfortunately, the weekends are not much quieter. I taught my student today (we do have a few Saturday classes) and the rest of the day was spent cleaning. Sunday is church in the morning, I normally iron before we have to leave, and then prepare my German and homeschooling in the afternoon. With Peter gone, there is even more work than normally. We will have two days off in the middle of October. That is our fall break. It will be nice to get a break.

    3. P.S. I thought you were trying out teenager's vocabulary :).

    4. My goodness you will definitely be ready for that break. Keeping you in prayer xx

    5. Thanks so much, San. Tomorrow I will first drive with Jonathan to the chiropractor (his neck bothers him), do school here at home, teach my German students, and then drive the "ballet van." Peter is back, but cannot do it tomorrow. Another long day. And on Thursday we are driving to Buffalo and then to ballet. Another crazy one!


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