Monday, September 26, 2016

Honors Students/Ehrenstudenten

On Friday, we had a get-together around a fire with the current honors students.  Peter is one of their professors again.  It was cold outside!

Am Freitag haben wir uns mit den Ehrenstudenten des Colleges getroffen.  Peter unterrichtet sie dieses Jahr.  Es war so kalt!  Das Feuer hat ein wenig gewärmt.

On Saturday, there were auditions for the Nutcracker roles for Miriam, Veronika, and Flora.  Charlotte and Jonathan had their auditions earlier.  There will be one more day of auditions in a different town for other children and then we will know who dances what part.  

Am Samstag konnte man vortanzen, um beim Nußknacker mitzumachen.  Miriam, Veronika und Flora haben das getan.  Charlotte und Jonathan haben schon letzte Woche dafür vorgetanzt.  Es gibt noch einmal Vortanzen für andere Kinder und dann wissen wir, wer welche Rollen bekommt.    

Jonathan had his first chemistry exam today.  He thought it went well.  He has had quizzes before, but no exams.

Jonathan hatte heute seine erste Chemieklausur.  Er glaubt, es hat ganz gut geklappt.  Bisher hat er nur kurze Tests gehabt.  

Charlote got paid for an article she published with Seton Homeschool and Miriam has been asked to write an article for the Germany magazine Vorhang Auf!.  She has to finish her article by the end of this week.

Charlotte hat einen Artikel in einer Zeitschrift für Heimschüler veröffentlicht und ist sogar dafür bezahlt worden.  Miriam ist gefragt worden, ob sie einen Artikel für Vorhang Auf! schreiben will.  Bis zum Ende der Woche muß der fertig sein.   

Tonight, after ballet, Jonathan and Charlotte went to listen to the presidential debates on campus.  The student government had organized a viewing of the debate.

Heute abend waren Jonathan und Charlotte nach Ballett bei der Debatte der Präsidentschafts-kandidaten, welche beim College ausgestrahlt wurde.  Die Studentenvertretung hatte dies den Studenten ermöglicht.  

And now I will go back to grading because tomorrow it is my turn again to pick people up from ballet :).

Und jetzt werde ich weiter korrigieren, weil ich morgen wieder dran bin, die Kinder vom Ballett abzuholen.  


  1. Thanks for sharing the maths sheets, I will have to check out the link once we are home.

    Well done to Charlotte for being paid for her article and I hope Jonathan's chemistry test went well.

    I bet you cannot believe it that it is Nutcracker time again!! I hope you are managing to draw breath in between all that frenetic activity.

    Big hugs xxx

    1. There are several free sheets for several grades.

      Jonathan got 90% on his exam. The average grade was 60%! We are very happy for him. This is a hard class, I guess the hardest 100 level science class.

      Kind of strange to think of cracking nuts again . . .

      What is breadth? :).

    2. Draw a breath as in managing to inhale some peace ;-)

    3. I just noticed I typed "breadth" before! I guess I do need "breath" very badly.

  2. We're waiting now for Nutcracker roles to be posted also!!

    Congratulations to Charlotte! That's so great that she was paid for an article. Good luck to Miriam :)

    Chanda and I watched the debate last night. I watched while ironing and Chanda knitted. Greg doesn't like to watch them. He gets too frustrated with all the candidates.

    The bonfire looks fun, even with the cold :) I have to take my camera to be fixed at a tech store on 36th Street. I should really go today because I know it will take a few days . . It stopped taking pictures for me in Florida and I thought it needed to recharge. However, after recharging here at home, it still doesn't go on.

    Have a good day :) xoxo

    1. We should get the roles tomorrow. It will be probably similar to the previous years.

      We finished Miriam's article last night right on time. We also had to send pictures.

      Peter normally watches the debate, but these days he is too busy.

      Is the camera working again?


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