Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dripping Water/Tropfendes Wasser

Two faucets in both bathrooms that are dripping/running without stopping and one leaking water pipe in the garage.  We are trying to find somebody who can come out tomorrow to fix all this dripping/running water.  We put a trash can under the leaking pipe.  The pictures of the Draken need to wait.

Zwei tropfende/laufende Wasserhähne in den Badezimmern, die nicht aufhören wollen und ein Wasserrohr, das in der Garage ein Loch hat und schrecklich tropft.  Wir versuchen gerade jemanden zu finden, der sich morgen darum kümmern kann.  Die Fotos von dem Schiff müssen noch warten.  Im Moment steht eine Mülltonne unter dem Wasserrohr in der Garage


  1. Hope you manage to find someone to sort out the leaks :-(

    1. We called three plumbers. One said he could fix the leak in the garage, but not the other ones because we have already bought new faucets and he only installs faucets from his company. One plumber never called back and the third one is not available until the coming or next week. So we are still wasting a lot of water! We do not live in an area with lots of choices for a plumber either.

  2. Ugh. Always something :( Hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. I hope you are also enjoying the cooler weather :)


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