Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed! -- Der Adler ist gelandet!

They made it through the desert and are enjoying palm trees now!  There was nothing there, no water, no rest stops, NOTHING!

This morning they went to church in Kingman, Arizona.  Clark Gable was married in that town while filming "Gone With the Wind."  Quite impressive.

Sie haben die Wüste durchquert und genießen jetzt Palmen!  Es gab absolut nichts in der Wüste, kein Wasser, keine Rastplätze, NICHTS!

Heute morgen sind sie in Kingman in Arizona in die Kirche gegangen.  In Kingman hat Clark Gable während der Dreharbeiten des Filmes "Vom Winde verweht" geheiratet.  Ziemlich beeindruckend.  

Old Catholic Church in Kingman, AZ, not in use anymore, but on the National Register of Historic Places.  The new Catholic church is right next to it.  
Die alte katholische Kirche in Kingman, Arizona.  Sie steht jetzt unter Denkmalschutz und wird nicht mehr benutzt.  Die neue ist gleich daneben.    

Old church
Alte Kirche

New church
Neue Kirche

And we New Yorkers?  We went to church with friends (we are without a car), had lunch at the college cafeteria and found out that a dear old former neighbor died at the age of 101.  His son is a retired professor at the college and he was also having lunch with his wife at the cafeteria.  Here at home we had some little problems.  I had ordered a new fridge handle because the old one had broken.  Charlotte and I could not get the old one off (weak women), so we called our neighbor, the one who spent one long night a few summers ago to put in a new master bedroom ceiling fan.  He came over and took the old handle off and put the new handle on.  He said you needed just a bit more strength, but he also found out that you needed a different screwdriver for one of the screws, a hexagonal one.  That we did not have.  He then took a look at some leaking faucet problems in the bathroom and also took a look at the shower, which is not working properly anymore.  As a former missionary he knows all about "little" problems like this.  He told me what he thought was wrong, but also advised me to call a plumber.  So this is what I will do tomorrow morning.  And it is snowing like crazy!!

Und wir hier in New York?  Wir sind mit Freunden zur Kirche gefahren (wir haben ja kein Auto), haben in der Mensa gegessen und dort herausgefunden, daß unser ehemaliger Nachbar im Alter von 101 Jahren gestorben ist.  Sein Sohn und dessen Frau haben auch in der Mensa gegessen.  Der Sohn war hier Professor, aber ist jetzt auch im Ruhestand.  Hier zu Hause gab es dann ein paar Probleme.  Unser Kühlschrankgriff ist abgebrochen, und ich hatte schon einen neuen bestellt, aber Charlotte und ich haben den alten nicht abbekommen.  Schwache Frauen!  So habe ich wieder den Nachbarn angerufen, der vor einiger Zeit im Hochsommer einen ganzen langen Abend damit verbracht hat, einen neuen Deckenventilator bei uns im Schlafzimmer zu installieren.  Er kam auch gleich und bemerkte, daß man wohl mehr Kraft brauche, doch bei einer Schraube auch einen anderen Schraubenzieher, nämlich einen sechskantigen.  Den hatten wir nicht.  Dann hat er sich noch einen tropfenden Wasserhahn und eine nicht ganz richtig funktionierende Dusche angeschaut.  Er versteht viel davon, mußte er als ehemaliger Missionar diese Dinge doch oft reparieren.  Er hat mir auch gleich gesagt, wo das Problem steckte und mir empfohlen, morgen einen Klempner anzurufen.  Das tue ich dann auch.  Und außerdem schneit es wieder ganz verrückt!!

Now a few desert pictures and a few California pictures.
Jetzt noch ein paar Fotos aus der Wüste und aus Kalifornien. 



  1. Praise God they are there safe and sound! A glorious adventure too! Blessings and love on all of you, Barbara

    1. They had lots of interesting encounters and impressions, but I was glad when they arrived.

  2. I'll second the praise God for a safe landing! Amazing scenery, God's workmanship and beauty to behold.

    Hope your "little" problems are soon resolved.

    Sending much love and prayers to you all

    San and co xxxx

    1. Yes, God has made so many different things, didn't He? The last little problem got fixed today: A new kitchen ceiling lamp installed by our neighbor. We heard on the news today that they evacuated two planes in the Atlanta airport because of bomb threats. We were lucky that this did not happen earlier.

      Thanks for the prayers and love.

  3. Good ol' California! It's so fun to hear how the travelers are doing :) and your funny exploits at home! Chanda is envious of your snow . . we just got rain again :)

    1. Tell Chanda that we are getting more and more snow at home, it is always below freezing. No rain!

  4. P.S. Good luck with the plumber. It's good you have such nice neighbors :)

    1. Our neighbor was there when the plumber came. The repairs were not as bad as anticipated. We have not seen a bill, but it should not be too terrible. Our neighbor just installed a new kitchen lamp today and sent us pictures. He is our "electrical angel."

  5. Hello Eva, How are you doing? Did you get snow? We haven't had any. I hope you got your shower working again. How are things without a car? That must feel very different. Do you have a little store you can go to for food supplies within walking distance? All of you must miss each other. I hope you are soon together. Hugs to all of you and Julius :)

    1. When you sent this comment, we had already arrived here. We did get snow at home and we are still getting snow. The shower is working again and the plumber repaired the sink faucet and shut off valves underneath. It was not so bad without a car. Church friends took us to church and took Charlotte grocery shopping once. Some other friends came by to pick up our last library books and returned them at the library. That was all that was needed. The only place where we can buy groceries is at the bookstore on campus. The co-op that opened a few years ago closed again. The groceries at the bookstore are just things like, sugar, baking powder, eggs (you have to by them individually), butter, but no meat, veggies, etc. We did miss each other, but had no time to think about it. Julius is with the neighbors now and is getting used to their place.


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