Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fish House and Brewery/Fischhaus und Brauerei

Tonight Peter and I had a big dinner at a fish house and brewery with the other university fellows and their spouses.  We were about 20 people total.  I sat next to a very friendly professor of philosophy.  Across from me was another professor of philosophy with his wife who had also homeschooled their children.  (Their children are grown now.)  And can you imagine, there were two professors there who had gone to Notre Dame! Two of the one professor's children were born in the same hospital as Jonathan and Charlotte :).  So we did lots of reminiscing.  It was a fun evening.  Jonathan and Charlotte held down the fort while we were gone.

Across from the brewery were these palms,
Der Brauerei gegenüber standen diese Palmen.

Heute abend sindPeter und ich mit seinen Stipendiumskollegen in einem Fischhaus, was auch eine Brauerei war, essen gegangen.  Es waren ca. 20 Leute.  Links von mir saß ein sehr freundlicher Philosophieprofessor und gegenüber von mir ein anderer Philosophieprofessor mit seiner Frau, die auch Homeschooling mit ihren Kindern gemacht haben (jetzt sind die Kinder schon erwachsen).  Und dann gab es noch zwei Professoren, die auch zur Universität Notre Dame gegangen sind, genauso wie Peter und ich und fast zur gleichen Zeit.  Zwei der Kinder des einen Professors sind sogar im gleichen Krankenhaus wie Jonathan und Charlotte geboren worden :).  Wir haben viel von den alten Zeiten geredet.  Es war ein lustiger Abend und wir wußten, daß Jonathan und Charlotte hier zu Hause sich gut um die jüngeren Geschwister kümmern würden.      

Today I also had my first Skype class with my intermediate student.  All went very well and it was so nice to "see" her again.  On Friday, I will skype with my German 101 students.

Heute habe ich auch mit meiner fortgeschrittenen Studentin "Skype" gemacht.  Der Unterricht hat gut geklappt.  Es war so schön, die Studentin wieder zu sehen.  Am Freitag mache ich dann mit meinem Anfängerkurs Skype.  

Yesterday we drove around a bit and found another Catholic church.  This one looked like a Californian mission.  Very interesting architecture.  What is also interesting in these churches is the placement of the tabernacle.  It is never near the altar, but off in a side chapel.  Also, Californians don't seem to have candles to light in front of Mary or a saint.  That is very unfortunate, but maybe there is a law about not being able to have candles here?  Who knows.

Gestern sind wir ein wenig durch die Gegend gefahren und haben eine andere katholische Kirche gefunden.  Sie war im Stil der kalifornischen Missionskirchen gebaut.  Sehr interessante Architektur.  Was uns auch aufgefallen ist, ist die Plazierung des Tabernakels hier in Kalifornien.  Er ist nie beim Altar, immer in einer Seitenkapelle.  Außerdem scheinen die Kirchen in Kalifornien keine Kerzen vor ihren Statuen zu haben.  Also, man kann gar keine Kerzen anzünden.  Das finden wir sehr traurig, aber wer weiß, vielleicht gibt es ja ein Gesetz hier, daß das zu gefährlich ist.

View  from the church
Aussicht von der Kirche auf den gegenüberliegenden Berg

Today we also watched a movie on the geography of California.  This was a movie for children.

Außerdem haben wir heute einen Film über die Geographie von Kalifornien uns angeschaut.  

Our living-room has a huge TV.  We have not turned it on, except for watching the California DVD.
Unser Wohnzimmer hat einen großen Fernseher.  Wir haben damit bisher nur unsere Kalifornien DVD geguckt.  

It is supposed to get colder, down to the 60's.  Everybody here thinks this is just so cold!  My student this afternoon told me they had 5 degrees this morning!!  That is really cold.

Es soll hier kälter werden, so um die 15 Grad.  Alle Leute hier denken, daß das wirklich sehr kalt ist. Meine Studentin heute nachmittag hat mir aber erzählt, daß es zu Hause heute morgen -15 Grad waren: das ist ja wirklich kalt.  


 Stepping into the grocery store.
Vor dem Betreten des Lebensmittelladens

Afterwards, different direction, no, we did not stay forever, but it gets dark so quickly here.
Anscließend, andere Richtung, nein, wir waren nicht ewig im Laden, aber es wird hier sehr schnell dunkel.


  1. Danke für die Fotos, sie geben einen schönen Einblick in die Umgebung und die Architekur, sehr interessant. Und schön konntet ihr einen Abend zu zweit geniessen, hat schon auch Vorteile wenn die Kinder grösser werden.

    1. Gern geschehen! Ja, doch eingschlafen sind die Kleinen nicht. Sie haben uns auch noch nach 22.00 wach erwartet! Dann sind sie aber sofort eingschlafen. Der Abend war aber sehr schön, so viele interessante Leute!

  2. Do you know what mountain peak it is? It's part of the San Gabriel Mountains, isn't it? It's very beautiful! 60 degrees! Maybe you might not want to come home :) ? It's wonderful that you can skype with your students in lieu of being with them!

    How grown up to be able to go out at night and have Charlotte and Jonathan hold down the fort! What a fun evening for you and Peter :)

    The church is very pretty. I do find it sad that the marjority of churches in the States no longer do candles at the Saints' alters. Here it's all electric. But I guess electric is better than nothing.

    The dates are very high up! Do they fall down, or must they be picked? Where is the tree? How do you know when they are ripe? Now I don't remember seeing dates when I was in CA! :)

    1. No, I do have a better map, but it is hard to know which one this is. I will try to figure this out. Yes, it is part of the San Gabriel Mountains, but I am still understanding directions here :). I would not like to live here in the summer. I remember my time here in August/September 1986. That was too hot for my taste, especially in a big city. I love the temperature, but I still do not like all those CARS! It was so fun to talk to my students. They looked like they were happy to see me.

      Yes, Peter and I have not done something like going out that late and that long for a long time. Felt strange, but for the first time, I was not wondering how they would manage. I guess Flora really is not a baby anymore. I am not anxious about leaving her.

      All our churches in Western NY have real candles. Here, they have nothing. Very strange. Not even electric, but I would not like that anyway.

      Yes, they fall down. They are much smaller than the store dates. I have not figured out what kind they are, but they are all over! Almost every other palm tree has those. Maybe you never looked up that high :).

    2. I tried to find out on a map. It could be Mt. San Antonio because that is the closest, but I am not completely sure.

  3. So pleased that you had a night out together with colleagues from the university.

    Beautiful scenery and blue skies! By the time you return to NY you will have had summery weather for best part of the year!

    San xx

    1. Yes, interesting and fun people. I love to wake up and see blue skies almost every morning. That really cheers you up. You are so right, we will come back when the weather will be warm and sunny (at least I hope so).


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