Saturday, January 17, 2015

Texas -- New Mexico

 Rest Stop in Texas
Rastplatz in Texas

 Tornado Shelter = bathroom!!
Tornado Schutzraum = WC!!


Look at her: No jacket!
Sie trägt keine Jacke!

But do not run around in the grass: Rattlesnakes might bite you!
Aber bitte nicht im Gras rumlaufen: Klapperschlangen können beißen!


 New Mexico

 Not so different from Texas
Sieht aus wie Texas

 No, here are some mountains.
Nein, hier gibt es Berge.

 The Rockies

 Tecumcari Mountain
Tecumcari Berg


The journey continues.
Die Reise geht weiter.


  1. Thankyou to Jonathan and Miriam sharing the road trip, such an epic journey! Thank goodness it is by car and not a horse and buggy!!

    Those blue skies look just wonderful and Miriam with no coat ... Fab!!

    These images made me smile this morning, I enjoyed them whilst drinking my coffee and enjoying the peace of a quiet house :-)

    Much love to you all

    San xx

    1. You are very welcome! Is "epic" THE new word in England, also? Here everything is "epic." That would be even more adventurous, horse and buggy! I am so glad they made you smile. There is more to come.

  2. Das sieht ganz schön trocken und windig aus.

    1. Ich glaube nicht, daß es windig war, auf jeden Fall haben sie das nicht erwähnt, dafür ist die Sonne so stark, daß Peter sich eine Sonnenbrille kaufen mußte. Er sagt, man kann bei diesem Licht nicht gut fahren. Aber trocken ist es auf jeden Fall. Nicht viel Grün.

  3. Thank you for sharing their journey with us, Eva! I love to see where they are they have been traveling. I'm glad the roads are nice and clear for these more western areas for this time of year.

    Yes, Oklahoma does have beauty, but, you are right, a lot of it is off the main roads. I imagine everywhere has beauty though. Some of it feeds our souls more than others though:) Or maybe it's how people are attracted to different areas-- I know some people who love the ocean, others the mountains, or the plains, or the deserts.

    We absolutely love the gift you sent too! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

    Much love and blessings,

    1. You are very welcome. Except the first stretch in NY and PA, everything was really good for driving. It would have been different if they had chosen to more northern route.

      I think you are so right. Some people are more attracted to water, others more to mountains. I am an ocean person myself, but I have lived and seen so many places, that I am able to find beauty in most places and don't mind so much anymore that I do not live on an island with water all around me. That used to be my biggest dream.

      I am glad you enjoyed all our pictures.

  4. Wow, look at the Rockies! Aren't they amazing! What a great picture!

    Book recommendation: Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry. Have you read this one yet? It was one of our favorites!!

    1. Miriam said we have this book, but I have not read it. She and Charlotte have, though.


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