Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Mexico -- Arizona

The geography lesson continues.
Die Geographielektion geht weiter.

 New Mexico


 New Mexico

 Mission Church

New Mexico

 Humphreys Peak, Arizona, 12637ft/3851 m

 There are big trucks in AZ.
Es gibt große Laster in Arizona.

There are also lots of trains.
Es gibt auch viele Züge.

 And ravens!
Und Raben!

 And trains
Und Züge

And mountains
Und Berge

And Sun
Und Sonne

But even in Arizona the sun does set.
Aber sogar in Arizona geht die Sonne unter.


  1. Dave and I have been loving the road trip geography! We looked at our concise atlas and have been following along. I will have to show him this next instalment xx

    1. I am so glad that some other people are enjoying this as well. I think it is so interesting how the landscape changes.

  2. Hello Eva, Humphrey's Peak is very pretty with all of it's snow. Did Jonathan take the raven picture :) I'll have to pull the atlas out also, now that we're out of competition mode finally! Do you know that I've been cross country with my parents by car eight times! It's very exciting driving across the States :) It's so nice to see your family doing so.

    1. Yes, the raven is from Jonathan! No, I did not know that you took that trip eight times. How come your parents traveled so much back and forth? Peter's mother did a similar trip when growing up. But Peter himself has never done so.


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