Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stift Klosterneuburg (Monastery)

My father and Peter went here, to the old monastery not far from Vienna.  I was there many, many years ago and still remember it!

Mein Vater und Peter waren im Stift Klosterneuburg.  Ich war vor vielen, vielen Jahren mal dort und kann mich noch gut daran erinnern.  


  1. So much to see! They must have been there all day :) It's just beautiful.

    We haven't had any more rain here, and it's been quite warm. Thankfully, it cools off at night.

    You are right. I think Chanda will be a bit lonely with Morgana in Austria. I remember very well when my sister went off to college. She's nine years older than me, and I missed her very much! Korrina will be with us while she attends culinary school, so maybe that will help a little.

    1. I think they were. It is huge and very popular. It is still a monastery.

      The same here, cool nights, but warm during the day (not too hot, though right now).

      Maybe Chanda and Korrina will become closer then.

  2. Hmmm. It seems my comment from a few days ago, wasn't received. I had wondered if everything was alright with all of you due to the severe storms in upstate NY.

    1. Hello Marlis,

      Indeed, the comment didn't come through! Maybe because of the storm? It was not so bad here, just heavy rain and no power outages. I think we are too much west. Thanks for thinking of us, though! Today is a beautiful day! Just the perfect temperature.


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