Friday, July 18, 2014

Früh übt sich . . .

Ich glaube nicht, daß Flora Basketballspielerin werden wird, aber es macht immer Spaß, mit dem großen Bruder zu spielen.

I don't think that Flora wants to become a basketball player, but it is always fun to play with big brother.

Peter is back and we are so happy to have him here again, I still have tons of European pictures from him, but I thought that Flora and Jonathan were so cute that I wanted to post that first.

Peter ist wieder zu Hause und wir freuen uns alle sehr.  Ich habe immer noch sehr viele europäische Fotos von ihm, aber ich habe mir gedacht, daß die Fotos von Flora und Jonathan so hübsch waren, daß ich sie hier zuerst hochgeladen habe.


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    1. Thanks, Christine. She does look up to her brother. The other day she said to me that Jonathan was really good at fixing broken things :).

  2. Jonathan is a good big brother, and Flora does very well with that big basketball! We've had very nice weather these past few days. Not at all too hot, and a nice breeze. Hope it has been pleasant for you too, and you enjoyed the thunderstorm together :)

    1. Isn't that true? I was amazed that she knew what you do with a basketball. It is a bit muggy here and we keep getting showers, but no "wild" storms, just some rumbling.

  3. So sweet and Jonathan is such a lovely caring brother. I couldn't quite work out were they speaking to each other in German?

    We are having incredibly hot weather here in the UK. the car temperature gauge registered at 30C today, it was too hot even for me! Thankfully as the evening draws in it has become more bearable.


    1. I think Flora really adores him. They are speaking German. Normally Flora speaks German to her siblings and they do with her. She prefers German to English and her German is much better.

      Really? That is quite hot. I hope it will cool down or has it by now?


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