Sunday, July 20, 2014


Here are few promised pictures from Feldkirch in Austria.
Hier sind noch ein paar Fotos aus Feldkirch in Österreich.

The youth hostel in Feldkirch is a seven hundred year-old former hospital, especially built for people suffering from the plague.  There is a church next to it, also very old.  How about spending your night there?  I wonder if you would think about all the people who have died there.

Die Jugendherberge in Feldkirch ist siebenhundert Jahre alt und war früher das "Siechenhaus", besonders für Pestkranke.  Daneben steht eine alte Kirche.  Ich frage mich, ob man beim Übernachten dort immer an all die Toten dieses Hauses denken muß.    

 Inner courtyard


Peter's room
Peters Zimmer

Frescoes in the old church
Fresken in der alten Kirche

Old church from behind
Alte Kirche von hinten

 Very typical for Austria: a crucifix
Sehr typisch für Österreich; ein Kruzifix

 On the way to the medieval castle the Schattenburg
Auf dem Weg zur Schattenburg

 Part of the castle
Teil der Burg

View from the castle
Blick von der Burg


  1. A rainy day! It's just lovely! Peter's room looks very cozy . . did he sleep peacefully? :) And did he eat at the restaurant, or did they serve a dinner at the hostel? Either place, I think the food must have been very good.

    1. I think in Feldkirch he did, but somewhere else were snoring men in the room and one fellow always turned the light on. Quite annoying. No, he did not eat in the restaurant because they were closed when he got there. He ate breakfast in the youth hostel and then just bought some nuts and yogurt, etc. for the rest of the day to save money. They serve three meals at the hostel, but he only paid for breakfast which is usually quite good.

    2. Feldkirch only showed its rainy side unfortunately. So he did not get to see as much as he had planned.


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