Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Reading Program/Sommerleseprogramm

Exodus book has a great summer reading program.  They have put together a wonderful booklist from which to choose.  Take a look here.

Exodus books hat ein schickes Sommerleseprogramm dieses Jahr.  Sie haben eine wunderbare Leseliste zusammengestellt, von der man sich Bücher aussuchen kann, die man dann in der angegebenen Zeitspanne liest.  Preise gibt es natürlich auch.    


  1. This is very nice, Eva. Thanks for posting it. I think it would be nice for the participants to write a little about each book they read. Do you think that's too much and I'm being a "nudge?" I remember my local librarian from when I was young, making us sit down and give her a short oral synopsis of our summer books before putting them down on our list. Looking back, I think this was so good for me to have done. It really made me think about what I had read, and how to explain it. In our current local library the children just try to read for quantity's sake. "More" is rewarded, rather than thinking about the material and what it meant to have read it. Anyway . . I think this looks interesting and we should look into it! Did you do it last year?

    1. That is a good idea, to write down a synopsis, or also just to tell it (oral and written book report). I always think that works better, though, when reader and listener know the book. Your librarian sounds like a wonderful person.

      We didn't do it last year because we were in Europe and read mainly German books. But I do like their lists. Our local library also has a summer reading program, but it doesn't matter what you read and the rewards are just lots of big plastic toys. Not what I had in mind for a quality reading experience. I think all the children (except Flora) of course would like to do it.


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