Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Just a month ago, I would never thought I could write this word so quickly, but just take a look at our thermometer outside in the shade!  Time to put on your bathing suit and have some fun with water.

Noch vor einem Monat hätte ich nie gedacht, daß ich so schnell dieses Wort benutzen würde, aber unser Thermometer, das draußen im Schatten hängt, zeigte heute unglaubliche Grade an.  Da holt man doch wirklich den Badeanzug raus und spielt mit Wasser.   

Jonathan and Charlotte started their botany class on campus today.  It is a Mayterm class and they meet every morning for three hours and again for two hours in the afternoon.  The mornings is more theory, but in the afternoons there is lab work.  Today they learned all about flowering and fruiting plants.  The oranges, they looked at, Jonathan brought home afterwards.  They also have field trips planned to greenhouses, the botanical gardens, a farm, a vineyard, and more.  It sounds like a fun class.  One of our Vienna students and a young lady from church are also in the class.

Jonathan und Charlotte haben heute mit einem Botanikkurs beim College angefangen.  Es ist ein Intensivkurs, und sie treffen sich jeden Tag fünf Stunden lang, drei am Morgen, wo man theoretisch das Thema behandelt, und drei am Nachmittag, wo es Laborarbeit und Ausflüge gibt.  Heute haben sie etwas über blühende und früchtetragende Pflanzen gelernt.  Die Orangen, die sie untersucht haben, hat Jonathan dann nach Hause gebracht.  Die geplanten Ausflüge gehen u. a. zu einem Gewächshaus, einem botanischen Garten, zu einem Bauernhof und einem Weinberg.  Der Kurs klingt sehr interessant und eine Studentin aus der Kirche und aus Wien nehem auch daran teil.    

 Can you see how only a few trees have leaves?  It is so weird to have summer like temperatures, but not so many leaves on the trees. 
Ich hoffe man sieht, daß viele Bäume noch keine Blätter haben.  Es ist schon komisch Hochsommertemperaturen zu haben, aber unter fast leeren Bäumen zu stehen.  

When walking to the post office, we found this funny dandelion.
Auf dem Weg zur Post haben wir diesen lustigen Löwenzahn gefunden.

Several dandelions grown together.
Mehrere Löwenzahnblumen zusammengewachsen.

Later Flora got stung by a bee and Veronika made her this note with a bee that is dying and is crying out, "Help, I am dying!"
Später ist Flora von einer Biene gestochen worden,und Veronika hat ihr dann diesen Zettel gemalt.  Er sollte über den Schmerz hinweghelfen.


  1. Wow ! It is hard to believe it is so hot where you are! Our three day snow storm ended and is melting. Today we had rain! Yay!-- B

    1. It is down to the 30s again. No more sunshine and warmth. I am glad the snow is melting, that was a cold surprise you got there.

  2. It was very warm here also and it did feel strange as there were not many leaves on the trees . . but now the leaves are everywhere!! And it got cooler . . very cool!! I do prefer the milder temperatures! (But I'm sure it will get hot again).

    Poor Flora, and poor bee! My sister has a terrible allergic reaction to bee stings. She's terrified of them. I hope Flora was alright.

    I think it's so fabulous that Jonathan and Charlotte are doing the Botany lesson at the college! They're going to learn so much :)

    1. Same here, it is getting green, at least in the village, not so much on the mountains. It is too cold here, almost down to freezing again tonight and no furnace, that is not pleasant.

      She did have a strong reaction. Her foot swelled up quite a bit, but today it is getting a bit better. I also have really bad reactions to bee stings. Once, as a child, I got one under my foot that was so bad that I couldn't walk for a week. I will never forget that time.

      The lessons are good and interesting. They are taking notes and want to take the exams as well. I call this getting a taste of college without attending college.


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