Friday, October 25, 2013


Miriam has been fascinated by Yggdrasil and the stories of the Norse people.  Here is her picture of Yggdrasil, her description of the ash tree, and the old Norse verses about it.  We have again and again also been watching the video below that features part of the verses as song.

Miriam findet die Weltenesche Yggdrasil und die nordischen Mythen faszinierend.  Hier sieht man ihr Bild von Yggdrasil, ihre Beschreibung der Esche und die alt-nordischen Verse über sie.  Das Video haben wir auch immer wieder geschaut, man hört einen Teil der Verse als Lied.


  1. such beautiful work! please tell miriam for me. and i love the video. i'm glad you included it. we actually never got to the norse myths . . i think about going back to it, maybe mainly for my own curiosity!

    1. I'll let Miriam know. You know, this year, for the first time, I see a better connection between those myths and the history of Germany. I never quite understood why we should study those before doing the Egyptians, Ancient Indians, Greeks, Romans, etc. Now I finally "get" it: Those are the myths of our native ancestors. Waldorf schools come from Germany, those are the "local" myths and it makes sense to study them before venturing out into the world. I found a wonderful book in Austria about the Germanic tribes that includes those myths. It not only presents the myths, but also how the Germanic tribes lived and shows the connections to the Vikings. All this had always been missing in my presentation of those myths to Jonathan and Charlotte. Now I can finally show them this is how your ancestors lived, this is what they believed, and yes, there are still remnants of those myths in Germany, you can still see the graves of those cultures, you can still see their customs in many German customs, you can find museums in Europe that are about those people. I wish I had drawn those connections earlier. Even Jonathan has gotten out the Norse books we have and has read some of them again. Especially in the north of Germany this "Germanic" spirit is very much alive. I have traveled a lot to Scandinavia as a child, I have relatives there, and many things make much more sense now. It would be great if you could at least read some of the recommended books. You wouldn't have to make a main lesson book or anything like that, just expose yourself to part of your own heritage :).

    2. thank you eva! i will :) i understand how important this is now just from studying the greeks and romans . .

  2. Die Zeichnung finde ich wunderschön und so gelungen!
    Meine Jungs waren auch immer fasziniert von diesen Sagen und Geschichten.
    Danke Eva für dein letztes E-mail, inzwischen hat sich wieder etwas getan und ich hoffe dir in den nächsten Tagen eine gute Nachricht erzählen zu können... wir warten noch auf die Überwindung einiger bürokratischer Hürden aber es schaut gut aus. Daumen drücken! :)
    Wünsche euch ein feines Wochenende, hier wird morgen der Landtag gewählt und alle sind so zappelig (und hoffen auf Veränderung im guten Sinn). Bis bald,

    1. Danke, Sybille. Das klingt ja vielversprechend! Ich werde weiterhin an Euch denken.

      Interessant, Du sagst das E-mail, meine Verwandte sagen alle die E-mail.

  3. Beautiful work! I'll look at the you tube later when i'm not so busy. I read the sad news on Michelle's blog (thinking love, no twaddle), I cannot believe it, sometimes life really makes no sense at all.

    Much love to you all San xxx


    Dear Charlotte, you always have such a lovely smile and I know from reading this blog that you are a very caring young lady, big sister and friend. I truly hope that you have a wonderful day with your family.

    San and co xxx

    1. Thanks, San! Miriam had fun drawing the tree.

      Yes, I was very shocked about the news. I guess her children have to go to school now?

      Charlotte is sitting next to me. She was very touched by the nice compliment. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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