Sunday, October 27, 2013

Broken Laptop/Kaputter Laptop

My own laptop broke a while ago and we haven't been able to replace it.  The college has provided me with one while I'm teaching, but that one broke down today.  This is especially annoying because my students have a web based assignment (about Old English and Swiss German) they have to e-mail me tonight . . .  Right now I'm using Peter's laptop, but of course, he needs it back shortly.

Jonathan was our lector today in church.  He has volunteered to do that on a regular basis.  Peter was the cantor, Charlotte and Veronika were singing in the choir, and so I was all alone in the pew with Flora and Miriam: Kind of empty.

Mein eigener Laptop ist ja vor einiger Zeit kaputtgegangen, und wir haben ihn nicht ersetzen können.  Das College hat mir zum Unterrichten einen Laptop geliehen, aber der ist heute auch  kaputt-gegangen.  Das ist besonders ärgerlich, weil meine Studenten mir heute eine Hausaufgabe mit Email schicken müssen.  Sie mußten etwas über Altenglisch und Schweizerdeutsch im Computer nachschauen und ein Frageblatt dazu ausfüllen.  Im Moment benutze ich Peters Laptop, aber er braucht ihn gleich wieder.  

Jonathan war heute der Lektor in der Kirche.  Er hat sich auf die Liste der Lektoren setzen lassen und will das ganz regelmäßig tun.   Peter war Vorsänger, Charlotte und Veronika haben im Chor gesungen, und so war ich ganz allein mit Miriam und Flora in der Kirchenbank.  Das war doch ein wenig leer.    

Friends of us made the video below for the year of faith.
Freunde von uns haben das folgende Video zum Jahr des Glaubens gemacht.  


  1. Dave has recorded an interesting programme on Northumberland, with a special reference to St Cuthbert and the Farne Islands, so we'll send you a copy in the post.

    Hope you get the laptop fixed.

    san xxx

    1. That sounds wonderful! I"m sure the whole family will enjoy it. My laptop is at the college's help desk. They have to see if it can be repaired.

  2. Oh no, Eva! Your laptop track record is not good!! Hmmmm . . I hope it can be fixed . . Can they lend you another until it's repaired? Well, maybe it won't be long . . Your friends' video is very nice :)

    1. This was a different brand, but a really old one. Oh well, they gave me another old one, but saved the hard drive (I believe) from the previous one. Something is not right with the ventilation on the one they gave and so I will bring it back on Monday.

      Thanks for the compliment on the video. We haven't been seeing this group for quite a while now, they are kind of far away. Charlotte said she would have hated making this video and Jonathan had lots of suggestions on how to improve it. For us it was fun to see many familiar faces, although there were quite a few people in it we haven't met.


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