Monday, October 21, 2013


It was cold at the goats' farm and now I have a cold.  I managed to give my exam this morning, but now I do need to take care of my nose.

Bei dem Ziegenbauernhof war es kalt, so kalt, daß ich mich erkältet habe.  Ich habe heute morgen noch eine Deutschklausur gegeben, doch jetzt muß ich meine Nase pflegen.


  1. A hug and a prayer for you! Keep warm


    1. I'm trying, but we got our first snow today :).

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    1. Thanks, I got better, but today I'm feeling worse again.

  3. Hello Eva, I've enjoyed catching up with you. The weather is very cool here again, and I gather it's even cooler by you. I always feel sensitive to the fluctuations in temperature. This time I think the colder weather is here to stay.

    Autumn by you is just beautiful. I loved seeing the bright red and gold leaves in the pictures from the Amish market. DId the children ride up in the firetruck cherry picker? That must have been fun! The goat farm looked wonderful too. It's so nice to be around animals. When the girls were little they used to talk often about wanting a pony of their own! How nice that you have friends with one. (Will they sell their turkeys at Thanksgiving? Do you eat turkey and would you buy one from them? I ordered a turkey from our Amish farmer last week. We better work on getting our oven fixed so I can cook it).

    Flora is so sweet. I miss having little ones. Your a good Mom :) (It also looks like Flora's jewels finally tipped the scale). Thanks for the book painting recommendation. I'm going to order it. It'll be helpful for me! I do enjoy working with watercolors but always feel like I have two left hands. Hmmm. I bet that's not considered a socially correct expression anymore!

    It's funny that you wrote about your dental visit. My dentist just caught me this morning. The receptionist and I have been missing each other's calls so I never did make an appointment. However, she called this morning and I made appointments for Morgana and Chanda. I really need one for myself. I sympathize with your chewing and your crown work. Oh!!! I know I need a lot of work also!! I really don't like how they make you wait to finish the job! I hope it's feeling a little better today, and I hope your nose is better soon. Try and get more naps in, and good nighttime sleep. Sending a hug . .

    (P.S. It was nice to see the children working in the garden).

    1. Yes, it's been quite cool here, we got our first snow today. The children did go up in the bucket, Charlotte took the pictures from high up in the air. Flora first didn't want to go, but then she changed her mind and did it. She really liked it.

      Good question about the turkeys. They sell their milk to a dairy in Interlaken. The cheese they get back is really good, it's one of our local products at the Co-op. They butcher their own chickens and also some of their goats, I haven't asked about the turkeys. Their animals are very well cared for, so I would buy them. I should ask her next time in church.

      The scale did tip, and I think it was Flora's and Miriam's work together. We put it away to make room for All Souls' and All Saints' now.

      The book is truly wonderful. I have been in contact with the author for over a year now. He is a wonderful man and his book is truly marvelous. It is so great for homeschoolers. Yes, you probably can't talk about two left hands anymore, but recently I have seen quite a few forms where the gender male/female also seems to be questionable and you have the choice of "other." I'm getting quite tired of this "correct language." I think it matters more how you say it than what word you use, at least in most cases.

      I have several more weeks before I can chew on my right side again. This is the longest and most complicated dental work I have had done. I have good teeth, although not pretty teeth, but I guess they are getting older too and need more work. I'm glad when the work is over. Good luck with yours. Dental work is a good thing to take care of in the winter.

      My nose is getting worse actually. I was doing much better, but today is not good and I'm wondering if it is turning into a sinus infection. I decided to not eat any nuts for the next few days and see it that will make a difference. I might have to cancel teaching tomorrow.

      Thanks so much for your long comment.

    2. P.S. I do hate the going back and forth between warm and cold. Somehow my body can't change so fast.

  4. Prayers and blessings for a quick recovery! Don't forget the elderberry syrup-- it definitely helps shorten colds and flues:) Barbara

    1. That's what I have been taking, I was doing so much better, but today I took a turn for the worse. I do hope I will improve over the weekend. Thanks for the prayers and blessings, Barbara.


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