Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Break/Oktoberferien

I'm sitting here with a sore cheek.  Today I finally received a temporary crown on my bad tooth.  It will be another three to four weeks until I get the real thing.  Today and tomorrow is October break at the college.  This means that the students get two days off before going back to classes on Monday. Thus I get one day, tomorrow, that I don't have to teach and instead of teaching I'm taking care of my teeth.   And, as my French colleague pointed out to me yesterday afternoon, even though there was a college break, I probably wouldn't have a break at home :).  Peter did take care of the children and kitchen this afternoon and evening, though.  That was such a big help and I could take a rest.  

We had a beautiful day today, now it's raining, and the children did some yard work.  Charlotte is supposed to have a horseback riding lesson tomorrow morning, but with all the rain it might get cancelled again.  That would be too bad because she already had one lesson cancelled due to the rain.  

Ich sitze hier mit einer wehen Backe.  Heute habe ich endlich eine provisorische Krone für einen Zahn bekommen.  Die echte Krone gibt es dann in drei bis vier Wochen.  Heute und morgen hat das College Oktoberferien, am Montag geht der Unterricht dann weiter.  Für mich bedeutet das kein Unterrichten morgen früh.  Deswegen habe ich die Chance genutzt, mich um meinen Zahn zu kümmern.  Mein französischer Kollege meinte gestern nachmittag zu mir, daß ich ja trotz Collegepause zu Hause wahrscheinlich keine wirkliche Pause hätte :).  Peter hat jedoch sich ganz lieb heute nachmittag und abend um die Kinder und die Küche gekümmert, damit ich mich ein wenig ausruhen konnte.   

Heute war es wunderschön draußen, leider regnet es jetzt.  Die Kinder haben aber eifrig im Garten gearbeitet.  Charlotte soll morgen früh Reitstunde haben, doch kann es sein, daß die Stunde wegen Regen ausfallen muß.  Das wäre wirklich schade, da schon einmal eine Stunde wegen schlechten Wetters ausfallen mußte.   


  1. Hoping that your sore mouth eases and that you manage to get some extra rest.

    Have a good weekend

    San xx

    1. It's much better today, but I'm not allowed to use that side of my mouth until the permanent crown is put on. So chewing is somewhat hard.

      We'll be having lunch with a family from church tomorrow. They live on a farm. That should be fun.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Eva,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cheek and tooth. I hope it's feeling better soon. I know when my teeth are sore, it's hard for me to focus on anything else.

    1. Thanks, I have to chew on one side for a while now and can't eat certain foods. It is still sore, but I do think, once the real crown is put in, it'll stop.


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