Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election/Wahl 2012

Watching Daddy vote./Papa beim Wählen zusehen. 

   Watching the first results come in. Die ersten Hochrechnungen anschauen. 

Right now Peter, Jonathan, and Charlotte are at an election party with pre-law students on campus watching the election from there. When the next presidential election comes around, Jonathan will be able to vote too!

Im Moment sind Peter, Jonathan und Charlotte beim College bei einer Wahlparty mit "Vor-Jura" Studenten (Man kann Jura hier erst nach einem Collegeabschluß studieren). Sie schauen den Hochrechnungen von dort zu. Bei der nächsten Präsidentschaftswahl in vier Jahren kann Jonathan dann schon mitwählen!


  1. We're eagerly watching the election from here, also!

    So many wonderful events to comment on in regard to your posts! It's nice to read about what was happening while we were in the dark! (sigh). Still too many people in the dark here . . I think they're in all our prayers every night . .

    Miriam's house map is wonderful, as are all the Halloween costumes. I have to try and post our Halloween pics from Connecticut.

    Oh my goodness. Happy Birthday to Charlotte, and to you too. Chanda's 13th birthday is a week from Friday. Can you believe it?!

    Your cathedral pictures were gorgeous. You went all the way to Buffalo! How many hours is that from you? Your days are just lovely, Eva. I love your All Saint's and All Soul's celebrations also.

    Chanda is so engrossed with the election. I guess I'll let her stay up to listen, but I better go make sure she has her pjs on. I watched Morgana's ballet class today, but didn't take any pictures. She's doing several Level D classes, and two Level E's. Today was a Level E. Other parents were there, but no one took out their camera. It was just too "serious" of a class! Ohhhh weeeellll . . Maybe next time I'll be more brave and sneak a pic . . or ask the teacher beforehand.

    Good night! I'm saying prayers for Obama, but I know others are saying prayers for Romney!! Ha!

    P.S. Chanda just came in to tell me that Florida is 50 percent Obama, 49 percent Romney. And she does have her pjs on . . Okay, now I must get mine on! Guten Nacht!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. When Chanda turns 13, you will have three teenagers. That's kind of shocking when the little one becomes a "big" one. Flora is in a funny stage right now. She tells everybody she won't grow up and get big. She also adds that they are not supposed to change. I guess she has realized that you can't stop the flow of time and change. It must frighten her.

      Is Morgana enjoying her challenging ballet classes or are they too difficult? Sometimes I wish Jonathan could have a male teacher, but that is not an option here. He would benefit from a man at this point. I know what you mean about taking pictures. Sometimes you don't feel right about taking one. The situation is too special.

      Peter was hoping Romney would win. I have never been a political person, but I always go and vote. I can't vote here because I'm not a citizen, but I do in Germany. I try to follow developments there, but haven't acquired a taste for American politics.

      Gute Nacht to you also. Schlaf gut!

  2. Wir haben auch mitgefiebert und zum Frühstück die Ergebnisse angehört. :)In Italien gibt es im Frühling Parlamentswahlen, aber John ist da ja erst 17 und muss also bis zur nächsten Runde warten.

    1. Ich erinnere mich noch gut an meine erste Wahl, ich war sehr aufgeregt. Hier in Amerika kann ich nicht wählen, doch versuche ich bei den deutschen Wahlen mitzuwählen. Das ist inzwischen aber auch schwieriger geworden, da ich keinen Wohnsitz mehr dort habe und mich immer ins Wählerverzeichnis neu eintragen lassen muß, bevor ich eine Briefwahl beantragen kann.

    2. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe when I was Flora's age . . and I remember not wanting to grow up.

      Morgana is enjoying her classes right now, even though they are challenging. I think it's because her teachers are understanding, and encourage her to work through the difficulty. I'm glad it's this way. I had a Russian ballet teacher growing up, and it was sink or swim!

      It was a close race! Do you still vote by absentee ballot for elections in Germany?

    3. I'm glad Morgana has understanding teachers. Did you still enjoy ballet with the Russian ballet teacher or did you stop taking classes after a while?

      Yes, I did for the last one and I will try to do it for the next one. Now the process to vote is more complicated for me, though, because I first have to get registered for the election again. The last election was in 2009 and I still had my parents' house as my residence. I had to give that up, though, and by doing that voting is more complicated for me. Before, the city would simply send me an absentee ballot, but now I have to tell the consulate in NYC first that I would like to vote. Then they will register me and I can ask for an absentee ballot. You have to do this way in advance. If your vote doesn't arrive before the election day (always on a Sunday), it won't count. I'm not yet quite sure about the exact forms I have to fill out, but I have a friend at Yale, who is in a similar situation. I'll have to ask him what he does.

  3. Super, danke für den Einblick. Habe deinen Beitrag gerade auch noch mit E. gelesen, auch er war "gwundrig" - wie wir hier sagen (neugierig) wie es in Amerika aussieht. Wir haben auch mitgefiebert. Ist noch lustig, obwohl es nicht um unsere (CH-Politik) geht, prägt und interessiert es uns doch.
    Sonst wollte ich dich noch fragen, ob du wählen darfst, aber das hast du ja schon beantwortet.

    1. Nein, wählen darf ich nicht, da ich nur "permanent resident" bin. Diesen Status muß ich auch alle 15 Jahre persönlich bei den Behörden (mit viel Aufwand, Reisen und Geld verbunden) erneuern. Wenn ich die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft beantragen würde, hätte ich keine Garantie, daß ich die deutsche behalten würde. Alle Kinder haben aber doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft.


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