Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meunier tu dors

Flora sang along to Meunier tu dors. She really likes this song.

Flora hat bei Meunier tu dors mitgesungen.  Dieses Lied mag sie sehr.  

I don't think I have very much to report today, just bits and pieces.  We found a great memory verse for the number Pi in Live Education!

Ich habe heute nur so einzelne Dinge zu berichten, z.B. den lustigen Vers von Live Education!, mit dem man sich die Zahl Pi merken kann.  

Jonathan cut some fabric to make himself a pillow case.  He picked out the fabric by himself!

Jonathan hat sich Stoff zurecht geschnitten, aus dem er sich einen Kopfkissenbezug nähen will.  Er hat sich den Stoff selbst ausgesucht.  


Miriam found out what happens when you boil salt water until all the water is gone.  This was part of a science experiment about salt water in the oceans (Tuesdays is our independent study day).

Miriam hat herausgefunden, was passiert, wenn man Salzwasser so lange kochen läßt, bis das Wasser weg ist.  Das war ein Teil ihrer Sachkundestudien heute; es ging um Salzwasser im Ozean.



We (Jonathan, Charlotte, Miriam, and I) went to a beautiful meditation on Jesus' last seven words, which was followed by benediction.

Wir (Jonathan, Charlotte, Miriam und ich) waren bei einer wunderschönen Andacht über die letzten sieben Worte Jesu mit anschließender Anbetung und Segnung.  

We also went for a walk after reading that it's supposed to rain and snow tomorrow all day long!

Wir sind auch spazieren gegangen, nachdem ich gelesen habe, daß es morgen den ganzen Tag lang regnen und schneien soll!


  1. hello eva, what a lovely day. i'm glad you went out for a walk. we're supposed to get some rain today, though it doesn't look cloudy right now. we haven't had any snow this year, which pleased my mom, but not me! flora is so sweet singing her song, and i can't wait to see jonathan's pillow case. does miriam pick out her own science experiments for tuesdays? the salt at the bottom of the pot makes me think of the salt flats in death valley where my nephew is currently doing an internship. have a good wednesday :)

    1. So you got rain, we got snow, rain, and now a thunderstorm. Very weird weather, indeed! Thanks for all the compliments. Miriam uses a textbook (Abeka), which isn't too bad at this age. It is very colorful and has simple experiments. We don't do all the experiments because some of them are done later when you do Live Ed. So she picks a new one from the ones I tell her she could do each week. Death Valley, I have never been there, but my cousin from Germany has. Is it very hot there right now? (Too lazy to look that up right now :). What kind of internship would you do there? I'll come over and visit your blog pretty soon.

  2. Magnifique! Tu chantes très bien Flora.
    Und gab es Schnee?

    1. Merci beaucoup. J'aime chanter. Ja, erst Schnee, dann Regen und jetzt donnerts!

  3. Tolle Idee, der Reim mit der Zahl Pi! Das notiere ich mir gleich.

    1. Fand ich auch, Charlotte hat es nur gestört, daß ihr Verstand angezweifelt wird :).


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