Monday, February 6, 2012

Catholic Lapbook/Katholisches "Schoßbuch"

As part of Miriam's preparation for her First Holy Communion, she's been working on a Catholic lapbook about what you see in church.  You can buy a kit or just the instructions at Lapbooks for Catholics.  In connection with this lapbook we've enjoyed A Walk Through Our Church and A Peek Into My Church.  We will also make a First Holy Communion book again according to the ideas of Elizabeth Foss.  To find her ideas look here (scroll down to the bottom). Jonathan and Charlotte already made on of those.  There are also some other books we are using, more catechism type like.  If there is interest, I'll also post some of those.

Miriam bereitet sich auf ihre Erstkommunion vor.  U.a. machen wir ein "Schoßbuch" oder "Lapbook", wie es so schön auf Deutsch heißt.  (Ich versuche bewußt keine Anglizismen im Deutschen zu verwenden).  Dafür benutzen wir die Anleitung von Lapbooks for Catholics.  Die Bilderbücher A Peek Into My Church und A Walk Through Our Church passen da natürlich auch gut zu.  Wir machen auch ein Erstkommunionsbuch nach Ideen von Elizabeth Foss.  Den Inhalt dieser Ideen kann man hier sehen, wenn man ganz nach unten geht.  Jonathan und Charlotte haben schon solche Bücher gemacht.  Wir benutzen auch kindgerechte Katechismen.  Falls Interesse besteht, kann ich hier auch ein paar Titel angeben, doch sind diese Bücher natürlich auf Englisch.  
Jonathan had a dentist check-up this afternoon.  Good teeth, but he might need braces, but we already knew that.  We read about Mohammed and Islam in connection with the Middle Ages today.  Charlotte started a new block on geometry.  Miriam and I learned about Abraham and Isaac.  Veronika really wanted to have her own math book.  So I ordered a copy of Number Skills.  It's the perfect book for grade K and the price is right also.  All the little girls played for several hours outside whileJonathan and Charlotte had ballet lessons.

Jonathan hatte heute nachmittag eine Kontrolluntersuchung beim Zahnarzt.  Er hat gute Zähne, aber braucht wahrscheinlich eine Zahnspange.  Das haben wir jedoch schon gewußt.  Wir haben etwas über Mohammed und den Islam im Zusammenhang mit dem Mittelalter gelesen.  Charlotte macht jetzt mit einer Geometriehauptepoche weiter.  Miriam und ich haben die Geschichte von Abraham und Isaak gelesen.  Veronika wollte unbedingt ein eigenes "Mathebuch" haben und so habe ich ihr Number Skills bestellt.  Das ist perfekt für das Kindergartenalter und auch sehr preiswert.  Alle drei kleinen Mädchen haben mehrere Stunden draußen gespielt.  Jonathan und Charlotte hatten Ballettstunde.


  1. Your recent posts on the kids work has been beautiful to see. Jonathan must be so pleased with his bow and arrow and Miriam's pig and gorgeous lap book are beautiful to behold.

    Well done to you all for the hard work and perseverance.

    Love to you

    San and co xx

    1. Thank you, San. Jonathan is really enjoying the Middle Ages. His bow shoots quite far, which makes him happy. Yes, it's true, all the preparations for school time right now are very time consuming. I don't get enough sleep! I have to think of you when this happens:).

  2. Those printables are nice. We'll probably use those for my daughter's First Communion preparation.

    I took the children and myself to the dentist today. My daughter really took some convincing to get her teeth cleaned. We couldn't get an x-ray because she said she didn't want to turn into a skeleton - LOL. She is so funny, but I'm glad because in retrospect, I think she is too young for x-rays.

    1. That's so cute of your daughter! I agree totally, I don't think children need x-rays unless something hurts that can't be seen by the dentist! Jonathan didn't get x-rays either, and I normally decline them also. It's also cheaper without them. I'm afraid of the costs for braces. Charlotte will need them too. They both have the same problem with one tooth. (I had the same as a child).

      Yes, the lapbooks are quite nice and well done. Miriam enjoys them a lot. Did you know that the Emmanuel Books catalog has some other really great projects for the First Holy Communion preparation? They have some great kits you can buy. Check out their website. Their catalog is online.


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