Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nature Activities/Naturaktivitäten

Our first week of homeschooling included a nature walk. Our main topic of the year will be trees. We are using the book Trees That Every Child Should Know for this. The first tree we learned about was the Hickory Nut tree. After reading about the different kinds we ventured outside to search for one. We found the Bitternut Hickory, a Hickory that has very bitter nuts.

Very appropriate was the Hickory Tussock Moth we saw on the ground.

While looking for the Hickory, we also found a large Black Walnut. That will be our next tree to study.

Veronika found a dead Monarch Butterfly. Isn't he pretty?

Jonathan has discovered that he is able to mow our lawn with an electric mower and a push mower. He mowed all around the house, which was very helpful.

Zu unserer ersten Woche gehörte auch ein Naturspaziergang. Unser Hauptthema des Jahres werden Bäume sein. Wir benutzen das Buch Trees That Every Child Should Know dafür. Der erste Baum, über den wir gelesen haben, war die Hickorynuß. Dann ging es auf Baumentdeckungsreise. Wir fanden eine Bitternußhickory, also eine Hickory, die sehr bittere Nüsse hat. Ganz passend dazu entdeckten wir eine "Hickory Tussock Motte" in der Nähe des Baumes. Ein weiterer interessanter Baum, der etwas tiefer stand, war die amerikanische Schwarznuß. Diesen Baum werden wir uns beim nächsten Mal näher ansehen. Veronika hat einen toten Monarchfalter gefunden. Ist er nicht hübsch? Dann hat Jonathan diese Woche entdeckt, daß er jetzt schon alleine Rasen mähen kann, sowohl mit dem elektrischen Mäher, als auch mit dem Handmäher. Er hat um das ganze Haus gemäht, was eine große Hilfe war.


  1. Like you have been absent from the computer, a combination of housework, homeschooling hassles and health have kept me more than busy!

    Hope you manage to find a good rhythm it must be hard when Peter is away for long stretches, am thinking of you all.

    Hugs and Blessings San and co xx

  2. Dear San,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are also busy and trying to get everything accomplished. We also have runny noses here. Peter is coming back today, but leaving again later in the week. He is attending many conferences and giving many papers. That's good for him! Our rhythm gets slowed down when he's not here to help in the mornings and evenings, but that's life.


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