Monday, September 12, 2011

Making a Carrot Tray and First Day of Our New School Year/Der Möhrenteller und unser Schulanfang

HOME ECONOMICS FOR HOME SCHOOLERS LEVEL ONE (THE QUIET ARTS SERIES)After we pulled so many carrots yesterday, Miriam made a carrot tray for supper.  It was one of her household tasks from the Home Economics for Home Schoolers.

Nachdem wir gestern so viele Möhren geerntet haben, hat Miriam heute einen Möhrenteller arrangiert.  Die Idee dazu stammt aus Home Economics for Home Schoolers.  

Today was our first day of our new school year.  We won't start our main lessons until next week,though.  This week we are again getting used to the "extra subjects", like Latin, German, French, Biblical Greek, music appreciation, art appreciation, handwork, woodwork, drawing, reading time, extra work in math, English, geography, and the sciences.

Ballet has also started.  Of course, it was the usual last minute rush.  Jonathan couldn't find his bike lock, Charlotte couldn't find her tights and had to use Miriam's new pair (I'm glad they come in sizes like 8-12), and I couldn't get the straps sewn onto their new shoes in time (so they had to use their old ones).  I didn't know that these straps were different from the old ones (both children had chosen split soles this time), so I had to first find out what I had to do.  I found a great video to help me with my task.

Heute war unser erster Tag des neuen Schuljahres.  Wir machen aber erst nächste Woche wieder unsere Hauptepochen.  Diese Woche gewöhnen wir uns wieder an "Nebenfächer" wie Latein, Deutsch, Religion, Französisch, biblisches Griechisch, Musikgeschichte, Kunstgeschichte, Handarbeit, Schnitzen, Zeichnen, Lesezeit, extra Arbeit in Mathe, Englisch, Erdkunde und den Naturwissenschaften.

Ballett hat auch wieder angefangen.  Natürlich waren die Vorbereitungen dafür wie üblich sehr hektisch.  Jonathan konnte sein Fahrradschloß, Charlotte ihre Ballettstrumpfhose nicht finden und mußte Miriams neue anziehen (gut, daß sie in Größen wie 8-12 Jahre verkauft werden) und ich konnte die Gummibänder nicht rechtzeitig an die neuen Ballettschuhe nähen.  Beide Kinder haben dieses Jahr geteilte Sohlen gewählt, doch ich wußte nicht, daß man bei diesen Schuhen die Gummibänder anders festnäht.  Ich habe aber ein gutes Video gefunden, welches genau zeigt, wie man diese Bänder festnäht.   


  1. Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start mit dieser Woche!

  2. hi eva! you're off to a wonderful start! i'm still trying to get my act together. it's not bad . . just trying to schedule dance and instrument classes! along with last minute school lesson instructions. i'm plodding along! and the girls are doing well. korrina likes her continuing ed courses at the new school; morgana received a partial scholarship for her ballet classes, and chanda has the yorkville nutcracker audition on saturday.

    your account of their leave taking sounds so apropos! it's a lot like that here. morgana has been wearing chanda's tights for the past two weeks. they're a bit . . tight!! i need to get her new ones. also, we are forever misplacing the bike lock (sigh). the elastics are not easy to sew! one weekend i had to dig out morgana's stretchy thin elastic that goes around the whole shoe! the one that ties into a bow and then gets tucked under? she lost it inside it's skinny little sheath! what a job! but, i did it. ballet moms can be rather amazing sometimes :)

    more later! i'm off to deal with the kitchen . . and dinner. happy new school year!

  3. Oh Dorina, I still don't feel prepared enough. As I said in my newest post, our house is a total mess and my husband needs to travel so much. We don't have music lessons to schedule, but ballet, gymnastics, maybe homeschool P.E., upcoming field trips, and maybe a participation in a theater production are already quite a bit to handle for my taste. Congratulations to Morgana's scholarship. She must be so happy.

    So I'm no the only one with "ballet woes". I finally found Charlotte's tights, so she and Miriam don't have to share anymore. And Jonathan found his lock. He gets distracted so easily. He's always talking and misplaces things. While he was supposed to sort laundry that had been just washed today, he was doing some complicated math problem in his head. Of course the laundry was not sorted right. Sigh! Amazing that you got out that tiny elastics. Did you use a thin needle or a safety pin?

    All the best to your planning and schooling.

  4. (sigh). it's so hard when papa goes away. but cherish the chaos, they grow too fast! i love picturing jonathan sorting the laundry and working out the math problem. homeschooling at it's best!

    i find the outside classes the most difficult to balance. there are so many opportunities the children (and the mamas!) like to partake of. you have my empathy. it's not easy making choices and being firm, or saying "yes" and trying to fit everything in. i'm currently trying to work out several field trips, and i realize that morgana no longer has thursdays completely free! for years thursday has been our "no activity" day. now she has a ballet class. since she accepted the scholarship, she is obligated to attend a certain number of classes. i'm only hoping that she can do a make-up with the lower level for a missed thursday class. i think it may only be twice. i'm hoping to visit sagamore hill, and val-kill! and a natural history museum trip . . and probably the christmas tree expedition since i think christmas is on the weekend this year . . oh dear! so much to think about!

    anyway .. i got the elastic out by using a needle to take out the small stitches holding down the skinny little covering that holds the elastic. i had to go back about 1 and a half inches . . and then re-sew it.

    i had best get to sleep! thanks for your good wishes. i hope all is going well for you.

  5. It's so true, they grow up fast. Flora went with Charlotte and Veronika to ballet today (Charlotte took Veronika to her lesson and Flora went along) and didn't mind going without me. She is getting much more independent.

    I always wonder how you balance all the lessons and school work. It is hard to know how much to do. Each child is also different and has different needs. I do hope that you will be able to get in some field trips and you'll be able to work around Morgana's ballet classes. Where is Sagamore Hill by the way?

    Thanks for telling me about the elastic. We do have a few shoes like you had, the elastic has disappeared. Maybe I'll give it a try.


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