Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carrot Harvest and What to Do with an Empty Weleda Deodorant Box/Möhrenernte und was man mit einer leeren Weleda Deoschachtel tun kann

Look what I picked!/Seht, was ich ausgegraben habe!

My sister found some too./Meine Schwester hat auch welche gefunden. 

An empty Weleda deodorant box is a very interesting thing . . . 
Eine leere Weleda Deoschachtel ist sehr interessant . . . 


  1. Flora as usual being so sweet... if that had been Pip she would have been dancing along the window ledge!!

    As I write she is currently emptying the bookcase beside me,better go!!!

    San xx

  2. Dear Eva,
    I like you love it when our children are creative. I adore your girls dresses. Did you make them?
    I also wanted to comment yesterday on your nature art. Very beautiful work form your children.
    BTW I have tagged you in the current homeschool meme running around. Would love to hear what you have to say. I know you saw already but just reminding you 'officially' lol

  3. San, oh no, does she do this often? None of my girls has done things like that, only Jonathan and he a LOT!

  4. Dear Gae, thanks so much for your kind words. I have to admit that I didn't make my girls' dresses, but I love pretty dresses for girls. Veronika's dress (on the left) is from Hanna Andersson (an original Swedish company) and the one Miriam (on the right) is wearing is from Land's End. It's getting harder and harder to find pretty and modest dresses in stores here in the U.S., but the companies above still carry them -- they are the ones that also sell Mary Jane shoes.

    Thanks for the compliment on the pictures of nature art, also. Miriam just had the idea to make these and Veronika went along. Sometimes you get the best art if you let your children just experiment!

    I will answer the tag questions soon, right now I have a very runny nose and need to limit computer time.

  5. those carrots look fabulous! and i miss those days when an empty box is the most wonderful toy in the world :)

    a friend gave the girls a book called "beryl's box" many years ago. it was a sweet book that they enjoyed. maybe your library has it? (it's by lisa taylor).

  6. Dorina, I just place a hole on the book you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Thank you, they actually taste really fresh and are full of flavor.


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