Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meeting Friends Unexpectantly/Unerwartetes Treffen von Freunden

I wanted to post this last night, but then our Internet service stopped and I wasn't able.  So here it is today instead of yesterday.

Dieser Eintrag sollte schon gestern erscheinen, aber unser Internetservice hörte einfach am Abend auf zu funktonieren.  So kommt mein Bericht erst heute.  

This will be my last post about our vacation. On our way back, we stopped at a beautiful rest stop above Lake Chautauqua.

While eating our supper with view of the lake, another homeschooling family from one of our homeschooling groups arrived. They had just driven their eldest to college in Ohio and were on their way back. Needless to say that we sat together and exchanged news. Some of their sons had just gotten back from the Catholic World Youth Day in Spain and from a trip through Italy. Of course, there was also time for some running around and playing soccer. Due to our longer than expected stay there, we arrived home quite late, but very happy.

Today it got much colder and rained a lot. I finished a detailed lesson plan for 7 weeks for Miriam. Now I'm working on one for Charlotte. That's it for today.

Heute werde ich zum letzten Mal von unserem Urlaub berichten.  Auf unserer Rückreise haben wir bei einem wunderschönen Rastplatz oberhalb vom Chautauqua See haltgemacht.  Während wir unser Abendbrot verspeisten, kam auf einmal eine befreundete Familie von einer unserer Hausunterrichtsgruppen an.  Sie hatten gerade ihren Ältesten zum College in Ohio gebracht und waren auf dem Rückweg.  Natürlich haben wir uns zusammengesetzt und Neuigkeiten ausgetauscht.  Einige ihrer Söhne waren gerade vom katholischen Weltjugendtag in Spanien und einer Reise durch Italien zurückgekehrt.  So gab es viel zu erzählen.  Zeit für Fußball und Nachlaufen gab es dann auch noch.

Heute ist es viel kälter geworden und hat auch mehr geregnet.  Ich habe meinen detaillierten Stundenplan für Miriam für die ersten sieben Wochen fertig bekommen.  Jetzt arbeite ich an Charlottes.  So, das wär's für heute.  


  1. what a beautiful place! and so fun to have surprise visits :)

    good luck with the planning . . it takes me ages.

  2. This year I'm doing a detailed plan for seven weeks for each child so that I don't have to write everything down each night. We see how it goes. It forces me to look ahead for a longer time. That's something I'm not so good at.

  3. What a beautiful lake! Upstate New York is so lush. I remember the sweet smell of meadows in the summer up there - very fresh. We are scrubby here by the water in SE Virginia - hot, muggy, and scrubby. I find it difficult to grow things here. I think the Indians had a very limited diet!

    What a coincidence to meet friends! We have very uncohesive homeschool groups(and church) here in our area - too transient and big city. Everyone just does their own thing. We are fortunate to have some neighborhood children for my children to play with.

  4. I have never been to SE Virginia, only to Missouri, which has probably similar vegetation, at least in some parts. I always tell my husband that I don't want to live any place where you need air-conditioning in the the summer :). Actually, although it's so green here, the soil is very bad and the farmers are very poor.

    I'm glad you have some children in your neighborhood. We don't have any directly in our street, but a few streets up the hill is a friend Jonathan and Charlotte like to play with. We belong to two homeschooling groups, but don't participate in all the events. We have a few closer friends in both groups, though. We also have contact to college people, a whole different group of people again. You don't find many homeschoolers among professors.

  5. I didn't know the soil was bad. Your area reminds me of my grandparent's farm in Pennsylvania. I do miss the coolness of the mountains. We are so hot here, and no trade winds like Central America, where I spent much of my life. Our A/C runs from June-October.

  6. I'm curious, why do you live in this area? Is it because of your husband's job?

  7. Yes, I was living in the Washington, D.C. area where my parents where living(for my father's job - diplomatic corp.). I moved there after college, and then I met my husband via his sister. He was living down here in SE Va., so I moved after marriage. He is a Federal fire fighter/EMT, so the pay is very good. I would still like to move North. Maybe when he retires in ten years, we can make the move. I'd like to settle in the Lower Saucon Valley or Bucks County, Pa where my roots are. I've never lived there, but my grandparents had a gentleman's farm there before they passed away. I'd like to try to re-purchase it. I've got roots(all German) there in that little valley all the way back to Colonial days.

  8. I looked at a map of PA and Bucks County. It looks very pretty there, lots of history. That would be a nice and green place to live. Do you know who owns the farm now? It reminds me of the book "My Side of the Mountain." The boy also finds an old family farm.

  9. No, but I know they have been there since my grandparents sold it to them in 1979. It's actually on the other side of the county line in Northampton county. The line has moved through the years. It's called Wassergas(Hellertown). Our paternal family line through my mother is the Bauders, also spelled Badder. There are many old German names throughout the valley, but in the past twenty - thirty years many have moved away. Developers are buying up the farm land to divide and build exclusive homes. Sad. It is wonderful farm land. There are still Amish farms nearby in Redding. It's a big Moravian area(Saxony) as well.

    That's a great book. :)

  10. I thought that the name of the place was interesting because "Wassergas" means "gas of water." I wonder what that referred to. "Hellertown" seems to be a mix of German and English. "Heller" could mean a name of an old coin or just mean it's getting lighter. Was the name of your grandparents originally "Bauder" and then changed to "Badder" here? It's always sad when land gets divided and new modern homes get built. I do not like the modern American houses. They all look somehow fake to me.

  11. Good question...I'll have to find out why it's called that. The changes between Badder and Bauder occurred in the U.S. - not sure why. It was only for one generation then they returned to Bauder.

    I agree - those new large homes are tacky. I want an old 19th century field stone home or at least a mid-century Cape Cod.

  12. We are also always dreaming of a nice solid stone house, but I guess that will always be just a dream.


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