Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving Picture Book and Turning Wheel Pictures/Bewegliches Bilderbuch und Drehbilder

Flora is very fond of our moving picture book and our turning wheels pictures.  They come with various themes and have a turning wheel that displays different images in a window that is part of the image.  The pictures are done by Gabriela de Carvalho.  You can buy these turning wheels pictures from Wynstones.  You can make up a story with these or the child can simply look at them.  Flora likes to do both.  The moving picture book we have is Frau Holle (Mother Holle).  Here are some more pictures about these very lovely choices for wee ones.

Flora mag besonders gerne unser bewegliches Bilderbuch und unsere Drehbilder.  Es gibt sie mit verschiedenen Themen und sie stammen ursprünglich aus dem Raffael-Verlag in der Schweiz. Beim Amselhof kann man sie auch finden.  Die Bilder sind von Gabriela de Carvalho, die auch schöne Märchenbilder gemalt hat.  Alle Bilder haben ein Fenster (oder mehrere), in dem durch Drehen einer Scheibe neue Bilder erscheinen, die sich ins Gesamtbild integrieren.  Man kann eine Geschichte dazu erzählen oder das Kind einfach die Bilder anschauen lassen.  Flora mag beides.  Das Buch mit den beweglichen Bildern, welches wir haben, ist Frau Holle-Ein Drehbilderbuch.  Hier sind noch einige Fotos zu unseren Bildern und unserem Buch, die wunderbar für kleine Kinder sind.  


  1. Those books look lovely, will check the link but will come unstuck if they're written in German! Mind you like you say, you can make up your own story.

    Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. We have gone back to eating meat and cakes etc are very occasional treats. I will re check the grain free diet, but when I discussed it with the diabetic team they weren't happy, but they don't have to deal with diabetic onslaught on a daily basis!! Will have a google round on the net and let you know any useful discoveries.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend. love and hugs San xx

  2. The turning wheel pictures are without words (only the title in the back is in German). Mother Holle is in German, but you could read or tell the fairy tale in English.

    Maybe the diabetic team wasn't happy because it would put them out of business! Have you ever asked them why they don't like it? Have they ever had patients trying it? Just google diabetes and paleo diet in the U.K. I got plenty of results. You could also look into the blood type diet. When we were in London they even sold blood type diet bread in a health food store close by. Wishing you a happy weekend.


  3. the wheels are exquisite! i love wynstones press. we have many of their postcards and their seasonal books of poetry and song, but i've never seen their turning wheels.

  4. Our local Waldorf school sold them years ago, but I haven't seen them since. They should be still available, though. I thought Mercurius would carry them, but they don't. I bet Wynstones would be able to tell you where you can buy them.

  5. The Frau Holle book is beautiful! I will have to see about ordering that one soon! My daughter loves the fairytale!

    Hope you are enjoying your husband's return home.

    Alles Gute,

  6. One or our relatives sent us this book. It is really beautiful. The illustrator has done more fairy tales. Take a look here.

    Life is much easier with my husband around, especially at night!

    Auch Dir alles Gute!


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