Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In the morning we studied another use of granite: glass.  We read about the development of the glass manufacturing process and also about the components of glass.  I also told the children of my visit to some Swedish glassblowers during summer vacations in Sweden when I was a child.  We hope to go to the glass museum in Corning, NY, in the fall to see how glass is made.

In the afternoon it was very hot (it still is).  So we decided to find a beach and some water.  The children had so much fun and it was a perfect way to cool off.  Tomorrow will be even hotter!

Heute morgen haben wir uns mit der Glasherstellung beschäftigt.  Wir haben über die historische Entwicklung der Herstellung und die Zusammensetzung von Glas gelesen.  Ich habe den Kindern von meinen Besuchen der schwedischen Glashütten während eines Sommerurlaubs in Schweden erzählt.  Wir hoffen, daß wir im Herbst nach Corning fahren können, um Glasbläser hier bei der Arbeit zu sehen.  

Am Nachmittag war es sehr heiß (und ist es immer noch).  Deshalb haben wir uns Wasser und einen Strand gesucht.  Die Kinder hatten so viel Spaß und man fühlte sich gleich frischer.  Leider wird es morgen noch heißer.  

Now two pictures of our mealworm beetles.  Und jetzt noch zwei Fotos von unseren Mehlwurmkäfern.


  1. hello eva! i'm sorry i've been so non-communicative. in this heat i haven't been motivated to post! thanks so much for thinking of us in regard to the john kieran book. it looks beautiful :) amazing! i'm really excited about it. i'm going to send you my address via email. thanks so much for offering to mail it. i look forward to reading and working with it. it'll be a nice supplement to the comstock book. how could it not? it's all about nyc!

    i love your beach pictures! how nice to cool off by completely submerging one's sweltry and sluggish body in cool cool water! we leave for my sister's home in connecticut (which is by a lake) on monday. we're looking forward to it.

    your mealworms are (ahem) lovely! and cute :)

  2. Hello Dorina, I know what you mean about "one's sweltry and sluggish body." We had 92 degrees inside today, not much fun. We don't do very much these days either and, by the end of the day, I don't have very much energy left. The heat is especially difficult for Flora.

    I hope Connecticut will be cooler or your sister will have at least air conditioning.

    So you like our mealworms? :) As long as they are in their container, I don't care, but I don't want them running around in my house ... Charlotte is very excited that they turned into beetles. She hopes they will lay eggs and she can watch the whole cycle of their development. We'll see.

  3. Mein Mann war vor drei Jahren in Venedig, dort bei Murano kann man auch Glasbläserei ansehen, das ist sehr beeindruckend. Murano ist sehr bekannt für seine Glaskunst.

  4. Wir haben auch bei Youtube einen Kurzfilm von einem Glasbläser auf Murano gesehen. In unserem Lexikon stand, daß die Glasbläser dort das Geheimnis ihrer Kunst streng gehütet haben und die Todesstrafe verhängt wurde, wenn man Informationen weitergab.

  5. Oh, that looks so cooling! We've been so hot here. I did make it to the beach yesterday when it was not so bad, but the heat is back again.


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