Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday was Jonathan's last baseball game of the season.  It was a home game and the whole family went to watch.  It was a pleasant evening and not too hot anymore.  (Although the mosquitoes bit me many times.)  We had taken our supper along and ate sandwiches on a blanket on the lawn.  I don't know much about baseball and that's why my dear husband will write something now.  He's the expert. [Ahem.]  Eva is hopeless when it comes to baseball, but she did get some good pictures of Jonathan's big moment, as you can see below.  He hit a short fly ball that was too much for the second baseman to handle, so Jonathan made it to first.  You can see him hustling down the line below and then taking his lead off first base.  The next batter doubled into the outfield, and Jonathan managed to score all the way from first, sliding into home and getting his uniform good and dirty for the last game of the year.  He also had a few balls hit to him in right field, where he acquitted himself satisfactorily.

Gestern hat Jonathans letztes Baseballspiel für diese Spielsaison stattgefunden.  Es war ein Heimatspiel und die ganze Familie hat am Abend bei nicht mehr zu heißen Temperaturen zugeschaut.  Nur die Mücken haben mich zu oft gestochen.  Wir haben auf einer Decke gesessen und unser Abendbrot verzehrt.  Das fanden die Kinder besonders gut.  Ich weiß nicht viel über Baseball und schon gar nicht auf Deutsch.  Mein lieber Mann hat oben etwas über das Spiel geschrieben.  Wer sich dafür interessiert, muß mit der englischen Version Vorlieb nehmen.  


  1. Die Fotos sehen toll aus. Ich kenne Baseball eigentlich nur aus amerikanischen Filmen :)

  2. Hmm. Eva might be useless at baseball ,but she does a fantastic job, homeschooling, home cooking and house hold management!! LOL!!!

    Don't worry Eva, baseball to you is just cricket to me!!

    Blessings to you all Sana and co xx

  3. Danke, Sybille. Ich glaube, ich werde die Regeln nie verstehen.


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