Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The sun came out yesterday and made us so happy!  We walked to the post office and back.
Gestern ist die Sonne rausgekommen, und dann sind wir zur Post und wieder zurückgegangen.

 Julius is following.
Julius folgt uns.

 Can you see Julius?

First bike ride this year: Unfortunately, the bikes are too small for Veronika and Miriam.
Die erste Fahrradfahrt dieses Jahr: Leider sind die Räder für Veronika und Miriam eigentlich zu klein. 

 And on Sunday, we did celebrate a bit.
Und am Sonntag haben wir ein bißchen gefeiert.


  1. What a fun walk, and it's endearing how Julius likes to come along. The photo of you is so lovely! And it looks like a very nice celebration :) xoxo

    1. Yes, Julius loves the walk to the post office, although he knows better to cross the main highway. He always stays on the safe side and waits for us.

      Thanks for your kind words about the picture and the celebration.

  2. Four hours was very long for the play, but how interesting that the cast was all female. I think I would have liked to have seen that. It's great that they enjoyed their time working on it. That certainly makes it all worth while!

    Jonathan is in our thoughts and we hope he feels better soon. Have there been any test results?

    1. Yes, they should have shortened it, but the young actresses all did a wonderful job. The director was a married man, kind of funny that he wanted only women to play the parts.

      Jonathan thinks he is back to normal, but is careful about what he eats. He did not do the tests because after taking Florastor (which I told him to buy), he was getting better. The doctor had prescribed a medicine to lower his cholesterol (in addition to the tests) because he thought that might help with his symptoms. We thought that made no sense at all. Jonathan is coming home tomorrow for a week, but we are supposed to get up to 16 inches snow tomorrow! I hope he will have safe travels.

  3. Gorgeous picture of you dear friend :-) your gift was posted today, love and God bless San and all xx

    1. A few more grey hairs, though :). Thanks so much and I am looking forward to the gift.


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