Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Break and New Math Resources /Februarferien

The college has one week February break and we are also taking a week off.  I am using the time to plan the next six weeks.  I will share some new materials we have added to our resources while planning.  Today, I will list a few math resources that are pretty neat:

XtraMath: Free online math facts drill.  I like that there are no annoying cartoons or other distractions.  You can choose a level and each practice is about five minutes long.  Once you reach 100%, you get a certificate.  We are still using CalcuLadder for speed drills, but Flora got really frustrated with it and so we switched her to XtraMath

MasterMath: Free online math lessons for middle school and Algebra 1.  Miriam is using this one right now, after getting bogged down by Saxon Algebra 1.

Math Lessons for a Living Education: These are Charlotte Mason inspired math books.  I have not bought one so far, but tried sample pages with Flora and she really liked them.  Cathy Duffy reviewed this series here

Zahlenfuchs 1-4: We are using these to supplement the new edition of RightStart Math, which I am using with Flora this year.  They reinforce what she is learning and are short and to the point.  They are written in German for grades 1-4, but even if you do not read German, they are easy to use because there is almost no text, just math problems.  You can order these through Bookdepository, which offers free shipping from overseas. 

Das College hat jetzt Februarferien, und ich benutze die Zeit, um die nächsten 6 Wochen Unterricht für meine Kinder zu planen.  Wir haben ein paar neue Mathematerialien entdeckt, doch die sind (bis auf Zahlenfuchs) alle auf Englisch.  Ich habe sie oben kurz vorgestellt.  

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