Sunday, November 15, 2015

Crazy Cat/Verrückte Katze


  1. Dear Julius!!! He's so funny!

    Oh . . I was up much too late last night and then we were up early to celebrate Korrina's birthday and now I'm feeling very tired! Greg is asleep already! Morgana is babysitting, Korrina is at work and Chanda is a ballet friend's house. I've been catching up with you and San and was going to finish Chanda's birthday post but think I will do so in the morning . . !

    1. I have no idea why he went up there and watched us :). Very peculiar indeed.

      Sleep is also important :). I forgot that it is also Korrina's birthday. Happy birthday to her also.

      We just got back from a dinner at a nearby small restaurant. It was my dad's birthday last month (75), and, since we could not celebrate with him, he gave us a restaurant visit to celebrate. There was a man playing Irish folk music. It was a very relaxing evening. Unfortunately, on the way back a warming light in our car went on. That light is for transmission or wheel problems. Looks like we might need a new car.


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