Monday, August 17, 2015

Great Pantry Baskets/Tolle Plastikkörbe

The grocery stores around here are selling these very practical pantry storage baskets.  They have a perfect size for many packaged food items (granola, sugar, nuts, etc.).

Die Lebensmittel hier in der Gegend verkaufen diese wunderbaren Plastikörbe zur Lebensmittelaufbewahrung.  


  1. Love the baskets! Hope the IHIPS went well and congratulations to Jonathan for passing his theory test. Sara took her paper last week and passed and has been having driving lessons since March, I think she'll be taking her practical test soon.

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.

    San xx

    1. They are so versatile! I hope to get some more. Yes, they are all done and sent away. Can you take driving lessons before you pass the written exam in Great Britain? Here, you need to pass the written test and vision test before you can start with lessons. I could never ever drive in Great Britain because of the driving on the "wrong side." It must feel so strange, but of course for you our way must feel strange. Good luck to Sara! Isn't that kind of late to get a license?


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