Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Classes/Semesteranfang

Today was the first day of classes at the college.  I had a good German class.  We are also slowly getting back into a new school year here at home.

Heute hat das neue Semester vom College angefangen.  Mein Deutschseminar hat gut geklappt.  Auch hier zu Hause gewöhnen wir uns wieder langsam an ein neues Schuljahr.


  1. I can't believe it's September!! We're getting set up here also . . :) slowly!

    1. It came suddenly, didn't it? Public school starts next Monday here.

  2. Dear Eva,
    Blessings on your new school year both at the college and at home! Our prayers are with you all.

    Also, happy birthday to both Peter and Veronika! She has had a lot of wonderful celebration lately:) We have a little something to put on the mail for her.

    The ballet intensives are exciting! How far south of you is the Russian teacher? Blessings finding a good school and match.

    Thank you for your amazing suggestions on Waldorf resources in our area! Wow-- I did not realize so much is right here.

    We are seeing a lot of initial success with our circle time poetry and scripture memorization-- upon some research, it looks like Pudewa's and Simply Charlotte Mason's approaches are very similar, so that's what we are going with-- yay and thank you!

    Love, Barbara

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara. Flora was happy to get a letter from Bridget. It was sent to campus! So Peter brought it home the other day. Veronika was happy to receive your good wishes. She is looking forward to your package. I will send your German books soon. I am still looking if I could add anything to what I already have. The school is far, 1 h and 40 minute driving. But there is nothing closer. I am so glad you are enjoying the Waldorf resources. You live in a great area for that! Much better than I :).

      I am so glad that the memorization is working. Yes, they are similar and have been quite useful for us as well.

      Say hi to everybody and I hope Patrick is making more progress.


  3. Wie schön hattest du einen guten ersten Tag, hoffe der Rest der Woche war bisher auch schön. Viel Freude!

    1. Jetzt habe ich schon eine Woche hinter mir, kann all die Namen der Studenten und wir haben schon das ABC, Zahlen und erste Sätze gelernt. Heute mußten sie durch die Klasse gehen, sich vorstellen und fragen, woher der andere kommt. Das hat gut geklappt.

      Morgen kommt Besuch aus New York. Dafür muß ich noch ein wenig putzen und aufräumen.


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