Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football and Unusual Visitors/Amerikanischer Fußball und ungewöhnlicher Besuch

After the game was over (Miriam had ballet by the way), we had some unusual visitors walking down our street.  
Nachdem das Spiel vorbei war (Miriam war zu dieser Zeit beim Ballett), sind noch recht seltsame Besucher unsere Straße entlang gegangen.  


  1. Herzig! Wir hatten am Montag auch ungewöhnlichen Besuch: ein Eichhörnchen im Garten.

    1. Eichhörnchen sind hier wie Tauben in Europa: sie sind überall und sehr nervig. Sie fressen immer das Vogelfutter und verjagen die Vögel! Ich kann Euch gerne welche schicken!

  2. hello eva,

    i love hearing about your days. i'm glad you keep posting, even though i know it's not easy. i find hearing about your lessons inspiring and helpful in a practical manner (thanks for including a pic of the materials for the art history lesson; their homemade cave drawings were impressive). are you finding it even more of a challenge as they grow older?! i have!! people used to tell me that it would get easier as they grew from babyhood. hmmm. maybe in some ways, but not in others. i think it doesn't feel easier because i have grown older too!

    please tell charlotte that i love her horse picture with the beautiful blue sky and clouds for a background. and i hope everyone is enjoying beginning their wonderful lessons with you, and their afternoon activities.

    happy autumn!


    1. Thanks for your encouraging words! I feel so tired sometimes that I'm afraid my posts don't amount to much. I even forget to take pictures during the day. And yes, I have (again) toyed with the idea to stop posting because there are so many other things to do that are more important, but I guess less enjoyable :). You must have read my thoughts :)!

      I think each stage of a child's development has its challenges. Some things change (no diapers anymore!), but new ones arise. Yes, and as you said, I'm also not in my 20s anymore, but my 40s. That makes things more difficult and I guess I'm not as patient as I used to be (although I don't think I ever was a very patient person to begin with, at least not with myself). I do hope that we will soon find a good rhythm with all our different educational pursuits. I'm changing our schedule around almost every week (Peter always makes fun of me), but it helps to see on paper what we can realistically accomplish.

      Charlotte was very happy about your kind words regarding her picture. She would love to take horseback riding lessons, but we haven't found any cheap ones yet.

      Thanks again and lots of love to the other end of NY.

  3. Hurra, ich mag diese amerikanischen Rehe! Waren das gleich mehrere, die euch besuchen kamen? Vielleicht wollten sie ja auch Football spielen. "American Deers" klingt ja nach einer Mannschaft, oder? :)

    1. Es waren vier, zwei kleine (junge) und zwei große. Erste liefen sie durch unseren Garten, dann marschierten sie die Straße ganz gemütlich entlang. Vielleicht wollten sie wirklich mitspielen. Du hast recht, klingt wie "Tigers" oder "Chicago Bears", zwei andere Mannschaften!


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