Thursday, June 21, 2012


We've had 87 degrees today with 81% humidity!  The only thing we could think of was how to stay cool:

Wir hatten heute fast 31 Grad mit 81 Prozent Luftfeuchtigkeit.  Man konnte nur an Möglichkeiten des Abkühlens denken:

Unfortunately, I had to work on my report for the end of the school year.  I am writing an evaluation for Miriam and am attaching the test results for Jonathan and Charlotte (they both scored in the 99% percentile).  I also have to hand in the fourth quarterly reports and write a letter of intent for next year's homeschooling.  It is due tomorrow.  Jonathan went fencing with a few other boys, but he didn't think it was so hot at the fencing studio.  Jonathan and Charlotte are also making some extra money by watering our friends' garden.  They are gone on vacation.  It's right here in town and they just have to run downhill to reach their house.  Sending true summer greetings,

Leider mußte ich an meinem Schuljahrsabschlußbericht arbeiten.  Für Miriam muß ich eine schriftliche Bewertung/Beschreibung einreichen und für Jonathan und Charlotte reiche ich ihre Testergebnisse (beide haben die 99 Prozent Hürde gemeistert, besser geht es nicht mehr) ein.  Ich muß auch die vierten Quartalszeugnisse der Kinder einreichen und einen Brief schreiben, daß wir nächstes Jahr wieder alle zu Hause unterrichten.  Morgen ist der Abgabetermin.  Jonathan war mit anderen Jungen hier aus dem Ort beim Fechten.  Er hat gesagt, daß es im Fechtstudio gar nicht so heiß war.  Jonathan und Charlotte verdienen sich auch im Moment ein wenig Geld, weil sie den Garten von Freunden, die sich zur Zeit im Urlaub befinden, bewässern.  Sie wohnen auch im Ort, man muß nur den Berg runterlaufen.  Wahre Sommergrüße von   


  1. Hello Eva, It's been very hot here also. Morgana and Chanda went to Connecticut with Greg yesterday. Korrina and I are holding down the fort and taking care of the animals. So far it's been bearable because it hasn't been as humid as the last heat wave. Our towels in the bathroom are actually dry! Congratulations to such good testing. I'm also working on reports and evaluations and intentions :P Very difficult in this heat . . or maybe easier because one isn't as particular? I hope to post a little bit about our Annapolis trip soon. We had one day in DC at the National Museum of the American Indian. I had been wanting to visit for years, and it was fun and informative and wonderful.

    1. Our temperatures have gone down, I hope you have gotten some relief also. Thanks for your congratulations! Have you finished your evaluations? I handed everything in yesterday, now I have to do the IHIPS. I have never been to the National Museum of the American Indian. To be honest, I didn't even know it existed. There is one about the New York Indians in Rochester (part of the Science Museum), which is fairly good. How is Morgana liking her job?

  2. Herzlichen Dank, die Sonne ist schon mal bei uns angekommen :) Ihr dürft uns aber gern etwas Wärme senden. Heute war es doch ziemlich kühl, bis gegen Abend, da wurde es angenehmer.

    1. Gut, die Wärme kommt noch! Peter hat gesagt, daß es bei ihm recht warm sei.

  3. Right now we have gale force winds and torrential rains!!

    I'm sending you an email would appreciate your opinion when you have time to respond.

    Love and hugs

    San xxx

    1. Oh know, no rain here, but the Midwest has horrible flooding.


    Dear Eva,

    I know your busy but I have a quandry and would appreciate your thoughts when you have time.

    We've been meeting another home ed family since late March, the boys get on fine and both mum and I get on, however there is a problem with the "friendship" between the two girls. Basically, Aoife my friend's girl is constantly telling Pip to go away, she doesn't want to share any of her toys and she has the same attitude when she visits us here.

    Aoife had a massive melt down yesterday when Pip sat on her bed and was wanting to read a book. I think in the two hour visit, Aoife had actually attempted to play with Pip for twenty minutes in all. The rest of the time I was monitoring there interaction and playing with Pip when she was being ousted yet again.

    My friend Siobhan just keeps saying that, they're only little and does very little to help resolve the situation. Pip is no angel and there are times when she can be a bit lively, but on the whole she is a very friendly, caring and outgoing little girl. She is used to mixing with kids and plays with another three her own age when she spends time with my friend Debs who is her childminder on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm begining to dread the get togethers and it is now affecting my health. It's impossible to speak to Siobhan when we visit so I was wondering about sharing my thoughts via email or letter, what do you think?

    This then leads onto my next problem which is the lack of good social contact for Pip if we were home schooling. Home ed families in our immediate area of lancaster are thin on the ground and folks do not want to commit to regular get togethers. Most of the folks unschool so we are once again on the side lines either because of health issues or the fact that, we follow a curriculum. With this in mind I'm looking at a nursery place for Pip for two days a week starting in September, with the view to her starting school the following year.

    Benedict needs one to one support from me and I cannot see how I can do them both justice teaching them both at home. Pip is an able kid and I can see that, she would get bored waiting for me to work with Benedict and ensure he's on task.

    In the two years we have been home edding, Benedict's main source of friendship contact is through his two friends from school. So naturally it does worry me, that Pip will have no-one her own age.

    I know that ultimately the decision to school Pip is mine and Dave's but your thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.

    Sorry to offload, but I value your firendship and your thoughts.

    with much love San xx

    1. Dear San, it's too late to write tonight a longer reply, but I should be able to do it tomorrow.


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