Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Main Lesson Book Work/Heftarbeit der Hauptepochen

Here are Jonathan's and Charlotte's main lesson book entries about Pangaea.
Hier sind Jonathans und Charlottes Hefteinträge über Pangaea.

We also showed  -- with the help of books at different angles and a marble -- that water runs down steeper slopes more quickly and causes more erosion.  Wir haben auch mit Büchern, die verschieden steil aufgestellt waren, und einer Murmel gezeigt, daß Wasser steile Berge schneller runterläuft als sanft geneigte und damit auch mehr Erosion verursacht.  

A simple faucet experiment showed that slow running water is not as forceful as fast running water and hence doesn't cause so much erosion.  Ein einfaches Experiment mit dem Wasserhahn hat gezeigt, daß langsam laufendes Wasser nicht so kräftig ist wie schnell laufendes Wasser und auch nicht so viel Erosion verursacht.  

Miriam's poem about the seasons. Miriams Gedicht über die Jahreszeiten.

Lavender's Blue
Veronika and Flora are enjoying the nursery rhymes in Lavender's Blue.
Veronika und Flora hören im Moment Kinderreime aus Lavender's Blue von mir.


  1. My daughter experiments with erosion quite a bit, unfortunately it is on our gravel patio. We don't need erosion there, but I frequently get to teach her about evils of erosion before I tell her to stop! ;) She has figured out that a nice strong stream makes a big canal, and sweeps all the fine particles into the grass. Tomorrow I go to get some large gravel to fill in her waterways. She learns quite a bit by being naughty which is a frequent occurrence(high spirited curious child!).

  2. hello eva, i love the new look of your blog. it's very cheery and summery!

    also, thank you so much for the john kieran natural history book of nyc. it's truly a special gift, and we will enjoy learning so much from it this year :) (we were very excited to open the package when we returned home!)

  3. Such lovely work, a true treasure to keep for years to come.

    Thanks for all your help we are beginning grade two Waldorf fables/saints with UK grade appropriate maths and English and a smattering of picture book /music appreciation elsewhere!

    Blessings San x

  4. Hello Alexandra, my children also like to play in the gravel, especially after a long winter when there is lots of extra gravel along the edge of the road from the snowploughs. My son likes to dig there and sometimes my husband has to tell him that it's too much. Our driveway is all gravel and needs more, so when there are puddles everybody is out there playing and investigating. You should be happy that your daughter is so curious and likes to play in nature. (Sometimes there need to be limits, though).

  5. San, thank you so much. I'm glad that everything is falling into place for you and that I could help a bit. What are using for music appreciation?

  6. Hello Dorina, welcome back, we missed your blog entries. I'm glad the book got there safely. Happy reading and using it!

  7. I thought I would use the suggested composer links from Simply Charlotte Mason. I don't see it as an actual study just listening to various works over the course of a six week rotation, maybe pegged with snack time or quiet time.

    What do you do?

    San x

  8. Oh, yes, she has some lovely picture books lined up for the composers. We use "Music Masters" (half music, half narration) and follow up with living books. We do it in the evenings, right before supper, when I'm in the kitchen. That helps to settle people down. Some people like to add a coloring session (of composers) to that, but we have not done that so far. Each child here does 4 composers per year; from grade 6 on, I use a different approach.


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