Friday, November 26, 2010

Quiet Activities/Ruhige Beschäftigungen

To speed up recovery, we've been kind of quiet around here.  Most of us don't have much voice, anyway.  Reading, playing games, and sewing were the favorite activities.  We also had the first dusting of snow, which stayed on the ground.  The birds are enjoying our food. 

Da wir immer noch in der Genesungszeit stecken, ist es im Moment eher ruhig bei uns.  Die meisten von uns haben sowieso ihre Stimme verloren.  Lesen, Spiele spielen und Nähen werden im Moment bevorzugt.  Wir hatten auch den ersten Schnee, der wirklich liegen geblieben ist.  Die Vögel freuen sich da noch mehr über unser Futter.   

Finding the states with this puzzle/Finden der amerikanischen Bundesstaaten mit diesem Puzzlespiel

Veronika's doll is finally progressing!/Veronikas Puppe wächst endlich!

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  1. quiet days are always my favorite, and how exciting to have a dusting of snow. your cardinal is the perfect winter photo.

  2. Thank you Dorina, do you get lots of birds? Do you have a balcony or could you have a window feeder? Actually, today we had some real snow. The snow plough was out too. Have a good weekend! I love your unusual chess people. They must have brightened up the day for the brown ones.

  3. We actually have a dusting of snow here over the pond!

    Did I spy osteheimer figures in that shelving unit next to Miriam? Now I really do envy you!! I keep looking at them in the Myriad catalogue, so many to choose from and of course they are not cheap. Have you collected them over the years and if so what figures did you start out with?

    Hope you are all continuing to rest quietly, sometimes being sick is our bodies way of forcing us to slow down and go within, if that makes sense!

    Blessings San x

  4. Hello San,

    Funny you got some snow also. We even got some more today.

    Yes, those are Ostheimer figures (at least most of them). We've been collecting them for almost 12 years, starting out with small familiar animals like birds, bunnies, horses. When the children were little they each would ask for one figure for their birthdays and Christmas. My parents have contributed a lot to this collection -- they are still cheaper in Germany than over here. Sometimes we purchased some figures when we knew that they weren't made anymore. You can get them at a discount then.
    Do you know Salago? They also sell Ostheimer in the U.K. There is also Laughing Bear Toys. Maybe one of those stores will have better prices?

    We're still all recovering, rest and quiet will do wonders.

  5. Thanks for both the links! I think they are slightly cheaper than those in the Myriad catalogue.

    Your Advent reading list is just great. I've treated myself to a book about prayer as my Advent read and of course I ordered two of the tommie de paola books for the little ones. We already have a growing collection of Advent/ Christmas books so we will use some of them as resource materials too.

    Please God we are back on with the Oak Meadow lessons. Despite struggling health problems with me, Dave and little man we need a rhythm to our days so I'm hoping we'll manage little things daily.

    We've had snow again this evening and so it has warmed slightly, we've had temperature reading of -5 which is unheard of in these parts. I'm glad we live in the city and not the countryside as they've been recording temps of -10!

    Keep warm and well
    San x

  6. Hello San, I'm glad you have some use for my British links! When we were in London almost six years ago, I was always in search of some Waldorf things. Even in a big city like London it wasn't so easy.

    Great you're back to some rhythm. It's so important for a harmonious family life. We basically took last week off because of illness and company. Towards the end everybody got kind of cranky and was glad to get back to our schedule this morning.

    You know, my parents also reported those low temperatures and my brother in Kiel got lots of snow (it never snows in Kiel). King Winter seems to be really visiting Europe right now.

    May I ask what book of prayer you are reading for yourself during Advent?


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