Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fresh Cranberries/Frische Preiselbeeren

This morning I first drove to ballet, then to gymnastics, then back to ballet, then back to gymnastics, then back to ballet, then to gymnastics, then again to ballet, and then: home!  I wasn't crazy, I just had to get four children to different activities. 

It was unusually warm today, about 68 degrees.  We swept our porch and noticed our cat Julius sitting high up in a tree -- a neighborhood dog had chased him up there.  He survived the "attack" and is back to his wandering about outside. 

I baked fresh cranberry muffins today, one gluten-free recipe, one flour-free recipe.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Heute morgen bin ich erst zum Ballettstudio gefahren, dann zur Gymnastikstunde, dann wieder zum Ballettstudio, dann zurück zur Gymnastik, dann zurück zum Ballett, dann wieder zur Gymnastik, dann zum Ballet und schließlich: nach Hause!  Ich bin nicht verrückt geworden, mußte aber vier Kinder zu ihren diversen Sportaktivitäten fahren.  

Es war heute außergewöhnlich warm, ungefähr 20 Grad.  Deshalb haben wir unsere Terrasse gefegt.  Auf einmal jagte ein großer Hund unseren Julius auf einen hohen Baum.  Es war ein Hund aus der Nachbarschaft und er war von zu Hause ausgerissen.  Julius hat die Attacke aber überlebt und strolcht schon wieder draußen herum. 

Ich habe heute Muffins mit frischen Preiselbeeren gebacken, die ersten der Saison.

Allen einen wundervollen Sonntag!

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  1. Poor Julius getting into a scrape! If it's not the kids it's the cat!!

    Hope you have had a restful day today!

    Blessings San x

  2. oh, i'm craving cranberries now! they look delicious, the berries and the muffins. i'm sure everyone enjoyed them!

    i can relate to your back and forth driving day :)

  3. Dorina, driving back and forth in NY City can probably turn into a nightmare, I'm sure. Do you use public transportation a lot?

  4. Hello San, that's true, if the children are all little angels, the cat will do something out of the ordinary. He is a good cat, though, and has calmed down a lot. He used to climb onto our roof and couldn't come down anymore. Of course he did that in the middle of the deepest winter with lots of snow. We had to get ladders and chairs and set them up in snow banks to get him down. He also used to get into many bloody fights, but that has passed too.


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