Monday, April 26, 2010


Wee Sing America book and cd (reissue)A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840Today Jonathan got sick, but Miriam and the rest are doing better.  I added some cod liver oil to the remedies mentioned the other day.  The children normally take cod liver oil through the winter, but we had stopped because the sun was shining more.  Maybe we stopped too soon?  We hadn't been really sick all winter. I also had a chance to use our coltsfoot tea (we always gather coltsfoot in the spring) for myself to soothe my cough.  So we more or less followed an "unschooling" approach today.  Miriam read in A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840; Charlotte also read in A Pioneer Sampler; and Miriam read to Veronika from (you'll never guess) A Pioneer Sampler

Charlotte did some math.  The children listened to various audio tapes (Wee Sing AmericaBeck Family Music Series, and more) and did some religion. Veronika wanted to help "Mama" a lot today.  We did some ironing together and also prepared supper (we eat our main meal at lunch time).  She was very proud of all the help she's been able to give me and told her daddy all about it when he got home. 

Tonight they wanted to hear Little Rose of Sharon again. 

Heute ist Jonathan krank geworden, aber Miriam geht es wieder besser.  Ich habe wieder unseren Lebertran rausgeholt.  Normalerweise nehmen die Kinder Lebertran den ganzen Winter über, doch wenn die Sonne mehr scheint, hören wir damit auf.  Veilleicht haben wir zu früh aufgehört?  Den Winter über war hier niemand ernsthaft krank.  Ich konnte unseren selbstgesammelten Huflattich heute als Tee bei mir selber anwenden, um einen störenden Husten zu lindern.  Heute waren wir also "unschoolers".  Miriam hat in A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840 gelesen, Charlotte hat in A Pioneer Sampler gelesen, Miriam hat Veronika -- Ja woraus wohl? Richtig geraten! -- aus A Pioneer Sampler vorgelesen.  Charlotte hat ein wenig gerechnet.  Die Kinder haben auch Musik gehört (Beck Family Music Series, We Sing Americaund mehr) und Religion gemacht.  Veronika wollte Mama heute viel helfen.  Wir haben zusammen gebügelt und dann Abendbrot gemacht.  Sie war sehr stolz, daß sie mir so viel helfen konnte, und hat es natürlich gleich Papa erzählt, als er abends nach Hause kam.  Heute abend wollten alle wieder Little Rose of Sharonhören. 
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  1. Eva, what a great blog! I love that you write each post in both English and German-- what a wonderful tool for us homeschoolers trying to improve our German. ;-) I'll definitely be coming back often.

  2. Welcome Sara! Do your speak/read German or Swiss German? My children happened to see your blog when I looked at it -- they immediately pointed out the Ostheimer figures they could spot. What lovely nature table scenes!

  3. Eva, is that book "A Pioneer Sampler" as good as it looks? I could get it here via for 12Euros.???HMMMM

  4. Hello Stephanie! It's a great book. It mixes the story of the Robertsons with facts about their daily lives and the lives of the pioneers. It has many black and white line drawings and hands-on projects, e.g. drying apples, making cheese, etc. It's like a living history museum in a book! It would be great for your daughters.
    By the way, I read that you got to stay where you are. You must be very relieved! I don't go to 4Real very much anymore -- too many hurtful words have been spoken and too many people have left. I haven't found a good substitute for it either. Maybe time will bring healing.

  5. Thanks Eva!
    It does sound just right for us.

    I am so thankful that we have made this decision to stay. It was purely for financial reasons that we did not make the move. It was difficult, but we are at peace. I could say more...

    Re: 4real
    It is a transitional period. But I do believe that healing has begun... The pace of conversation is much slower but that is good, imo. Some members are slowly returning and offering a comment or two. Some older members who haven't been there for a couple of years are looking in again... I guess there is no ideal website for all our needs, but 4real has come to be almost like family to me. I have very little to give, but I do take LOADS from there.

  6. Stephanie, what I noticed on the more recent posts on 4Real were the very different topics. There isn't very much about curricula, materials, etc. anymore. That's what I'm most interested in.


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