Monday, August 18, 2014

Trees and Hay/Bäume und Heu

 You can see the cut-down trees behind our car.
Die gefällten Bäume sind hinter unserem Auto.  

Kind of a boring title, I know, but our day was not as boring as it sounds.  This morning, very early, the "tree cutters" came by to cut down some trees in our yard that had grown too close to the power lines.  They didn't just cut them down, but also immediately shredded them.

Ein etwas langweiliger Titel, ich weiß, aber unser Tag war gar nicht so langweilig.  Heute morgen waren schon ganz früh die "Baumbeschneider" da.  Sie wollten Bäume absägen, die zu nah an der Stromleitung auf unserem Grundstück wuchsen.  Sie haben sie auch gleich zerkleinert, was ganz spannend anzuschauen war.

After lunch I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor who has done my surgery. We had to drive through Amish territory to get there, a drive of about 45 minutes.  The Amish stack their hay the old-fashioned way, so pretty to see.

Nach dem Mittagessen hatte ich einen Termin mit dem Arzt, der mich operiert hat.  Wir mußten durch ein von Amischen besiedeltes Gebiet fahren, eine Fahrt, die etwa 45 Minuten dauert.  Die Amische bauen noch altmodische Heuhaufen auf ihren Feldern, per Hand natürlich.  Das sieht immer so schön aus. 

My doctor was happy with my progress and how the surgery has worked out.  He is a very gentle soul who does not like computers.  In his office his secretary was typing on a typewriter!  I told the children to really listen and remember that sound.  You don't hear it very often anymore :).  It will be probably another month before I will be completely back to normal, but that was to be expected.  On our way back I took some more pictures of the drive.

Mein Arzt war ganz glücklich mit dem Heilungsprozess und wie die Operation geklappt hat. In etwa einem weiteren Monat sollte alles ganz geheilt sein.  Dr. A.  ist ein sehr sanfter Mensch, der keine Computer mag.  Seine Sekretärin tippte auf einer Schreibmaschine, als wir da waren.  Ich habe den Kindern gesagt, sie sollten sich dieses Geräusch gut merken, wo kann man das heutzutage sonst noch hören!    Auf dem Rückweg habe ich dann noch weitere Landschaftsfotos gemacht.  

 The roads are bad, but the countryside is pretty. 
Die Straßen sind schlecht, aber die Landschaft ist schön. 

 A German flag!!  (I do not know who lives there.)
Die deutsche Fahne!!  (Keine Ahnung, wer da wohnt.)

 Pretty wildflowers
Schöne Wildblumen

 Genessee River
Der Genesseefluß


  1. We enjoy watching trees being cut down too. :) The haystacks have a calming effect. I am happy to read that you are continuing to get better. I remember my mom typing on her typewriter. May God bless you!

    1. Must be tree cutting season! I also remember my dad using a typewriter. And I remember myself asking questions about all the keys and trying it myself too. It was hard work because you had to hit the keys with great force.

  2. Chanda gets so upset when trees are cut down! I'm guessing it was different at your house? Sometimes they cut branches from around the lines, and not the whole tree. I guess it depends on how much it is growing.

    The countryside is beautiful that you live in :) And that is happy news from the doctor! He sounds like a special person. I'm glad you have him in your life. It's not easy keeping life simple and computer-free. but I really don't think it's always necessary.

    1. Oh, the girls were also upset, and they also thought the guys would prune the maple tree in front of the house, but they did not. Those trees in the back were just in the way, so pruning would have not helped. They just had to go. They were next to the shed and the fence, so not a big loss and you can hardly see it.

      This doctor is kind of funny, close to retirement age and the only specialist in the whole area (unless you want to drive up to the big cities). He is from Iran, I believe, and has lots of Arabic pictures in his office.


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