Thursday, January 23, 2014

Watching the Rally and the March/Marschbetrachtungen im Computer

We watched the rally and march on EWTN today.  I got out a map of the National Mall and showed the children where they were marching.  What  a great opportunity to talk about the layout of D.C.!!  I spent a week there with a friend, almost 20 years ago and know some of the sights.  Now we are waiting for Jonathan to come home.  He called earlier today when he was having dinner somewhere in Maryland.  Their bus had broken down at one point, but they had found a replacement.  Everybody is missing him here.

Here is the EWTN coverage.

Wir haben den Lebensmarsch und die Ansprachen heute live bei EWTN mitverfolgt.  (Oben kann man den ganzen Marsch sehen).  Ich habe eine Karte von der Innenstadt von Washington hervorgeholt und den Kindern gezeigt, wo der Marsch stattgefunden hat.  So konnte man mal ganz nebenbei über die wichtigen Gebäude in unserer Hauptstadt reden.  Vor ca. 20 Jahren habe ich eine Woche dort verbracht und die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten besucht.  Jetzt warten wir auf Jonathans Rückkehr.  Er soll gegen drei Uhr morgens wieder hier sein.  Er hat von unterwegs angerufen und gesagt, daß der Bus ersetzt werden mußte, weil er nicht mehr fahren konnte, aber alles schien wieder in Ordnung zu sein.  Wir alle vermissen ihn.


  1. What fun for all of you to watch it! I'm enjoying thinking of Jonathan's homecoming and how excited all will be to hear his stories . . and he'll have to hear about everyone else's stories :) i hope he's home safe now, and i hope your day is a little warmer than yesterday. i don't think we can really get used to this cold. can we? do we want to?

    1. I don't know what happened with my original reply here. It said I deleted it, but I don't recall doing so. Anyway, he shared some interesting tidbits with us and no, I'm still not used to the cold. I have been hardly outside this winter.

  2. Replies
    1. He made it home okay. I will write to you soon, great happenings for you!

    2. :-D thanks Eva I can't wait we are all pretty excited!

    3. Das kann ja auch gar nicht anders sein.


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