Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Jonathan called from the Basilica yesterday to tell us that we could watch the Mass on EWTN and Catholic TV.  We did; it was odd to know he was there while we were watching on the computer.  They said they had about 300,000 people participating in the march.  You can watch the march live today here.  (If the link is not working, just go to the EWTN website and search under "live.")  It is at noon.

Jonathan hat gestern von der Basilika angerufen, um uns zu sagen, daß wir die Erföffnungsmesse bei EWTN und Catholic TV sehen könnten.  Es war komisch zu wissen, daß Jonathan irgendwo unter den Anwesenden war, während wir die Messe mit im Computer sehen konnten.  Sie haben gesagt, daß ca. 300.000 an dem Marsch teilnehmen.  Man kann den Marsch selbst bei EWTN heute Mittag sehen.  (Falls der Link nicht funktioniert, kann man auch bei EWTN unter "live" suchen).    


  1. Your heart is walking around in a place very far from you! It's very exciting for Jonathan to exercise his right to protest and speak out for his beliefs. I'm sure he'll have wonderful stories to tell when he returns. Hope you haven't been too cold . . maybe you're getting used to it now?

    1. This is the first time he has been away from home and not stayed with relatives! I was afraid because of the weather, but so far everything seems to be okay. He should be home by 3:00 a.m. I bet he will have a lot to tell us. I haven't gotten used to the cold and we barely go out when it is as cold as it was today. Tonight we have another wind chill advisory. I get really cold shoulders in bed each night although we have a down comforter and also a woolen bed shawl from my grandmother. Our bedroom has only one heating outlet and is the coldest room in the house. Not good in this kind of weather.


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