Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Updating My Amazon Store

I've been updating my Amazon store (links above), at least most of the lower grades. I never get to this store during the school year, but when I plan, I always take a look there and change things. So if you have nothing better to do, go and browse our favorite books.

Ich habe meine Buchempfehlungen (unter den Klassenkategorien oben) aktualisiert. Ich komme meist nur im Sommer dazu, wenn ich plane. Die meisten Bücher sind auf Englisch, aber es gibt auch eine deutsche Kategorie. Falls die Langeweile umgeht, nur mal durchklicken! 


  1. Hello Eva, I like the new pics on your blog :)

    By a "green" unit, I'm referring to one that is more energy efficient. And a "sleeve" is a hole in the wall that was put there especially for the air conditioner. It's nice to be a little further north so it isn't as hot :)

    I enjoyed using the H.A. Rey book for Astronomy . . Are you using that also? I hope the skies clear for you!

    I think many people find themselves feeling like you about what is "home" these days. There's an expat American's blog I like to follow who is living in Rome. She recently posted about listening to a "tedtalk" about something like this:

    Sorry it's not a link . . I can't remember right now, quickly enough how to put it in!

    I honestly think your position is not easy and gives you a special perspective on life not many of us have. I think my grandparents who came over from Europe probably felt a lot like you. You embrace two cultures, and may, perhaps, always be a little exotic for it!

    1. Thanks for the explanations. I thought there was a new version of air-conditioners when your wrote "green," like a new cooling mechanism, but I guess that is not the case, at least not yet.

      Yes, I know the Rey book, we have a abbreviated version of, but I do like some other books better. So far it's too cloudy, just one or two stars out every night.

      Thanks for the blog link; I'll check it out. I guess you are right about being exotic, but maybe I should look at myself as a beautiful exotic flower :). That's a cheering thought, like a hibiscus flower.

      It's raining, I'm afraid we might loose power again. So I'll stop here. Sending you cool breezes!



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