Saturday, July 27, 2013

Inside the Volcano/Im Vulkan

My father sent me a link to an article in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung after reading my last post.  There is a volcano, very close to Jules Verne's volcano Snæfellsjökullcalled Thrihnukagigur, where you can actually journey inside.  What a fascinating trip that must be.  Check it out below.

Mein Vater hat mir nach der Lektüre meines gestrigen Eintrags auf einen Artikel in der NZZ hingewiesen, der eine Reise in das Innere des Thrihnukagigur, einem erloschenen Vulkan in Island, beschreibt.  Dieser Vulkan ist nicht so weit entfernt von Jules Vernes Vulkan SnæfellsjökullWas für eine faszinierende Reise das sein muß!


  1. That's amazing! Can't wait to show M and C! Iceland is a very beautiful and fascinating place.

    1. My parents have been to Iceland once and my uncle has been there many times. They were also very impressed. When my aunt was young, she went to the United States several times. The plane always landed in Iceland, they spent the night in a hotel, and the next morning they went on to the States. Planes couldn't go that far back then.

  2. Been struggling, been absent. In amidst all the chaos, I realised that whatever you sent me has not arrived, should it have done so by now?

    Sending you much love

    San xx

    1. Dear San,

      I realized that due to unfortunate circumstances, the gift is still here on my desk and never got sent. Please forgive me, but with the chicken pox, the heat, and many doctor's appointments plus house renovation appointments it got buried under other stuff when it was supposed to be on the way to the post office. I will mail it by tomorrow, today the post office is already closed.

      Your lovely postcard, arrived, though. Thanks so much. I don't think I have ever gotten a postcard from Great Britain.

      Love to you,

    2. No worries dear friend, I just didn't want you thinking that something had arrived and I'd forgotten to say thank you!

      Glad to read that the postcard arrived, hope you have a lovely day.

      San xxx

    3. It's on its way! I mailed it today together with a baby gift to my brother and his wife. They had their first baby in June. (The baby gift is going to Germany of course). Hope it'll get there soon.

      By the way, did you talk to the people from Berlin?


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