Saturday, July 6, 2013

Klimahaus Bremerhaven

Back in May we traveled around the earth by visiting the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven.  This climate house is a very unique idea.  You travel around the earth following the 8th degree of longitude.  On you way, you "meet" people from different countries, the climate changes (it actually gets quite hot or cold), you can see animals of the corresponding countries, you can hear music, learn about customs, etc.  Do watch the short trailer of the museum by clicking on the link above.  Here are my pictures of our trip to the museum.      Some of them didn't turn out so well because you couldn't use flash.

Noch im Mai sind wir im Klimahaus Bremerhaven auf dem achten Längengrad um die Erde gereist.  Auf unserem Weg haben wir die Bewohner der Länder dort kennengelernt, das Klima veränderte sich (es wurde wirklich heiß oder kalt), man konnte Tiere der jeweiligen Länder sehen, man konnte Musik hören, etwas über Sitten und Gebräuche lernen und vieles mehr.  Man kann auf dem Link oben einen kurzen Film über das Klimahaus sehen (links auf der Seite klicken).  Hier sind einige meiner Fotos des Besuches, leider sind ein paar unscharf geworden, da man nicht mit Blitz fotografieren durfte.  

 Driving in my brother Jan's car on the "Autobahn"
Fahrt im Auto meines Bruders Jan auf der Autobahn

 This is the 8th degree longitude which we followed.
Hier ist der achte Längengrad, dem wir gefolgt sind.  

 Swiss couple

 A Mary statue which you find in catholic Swiss areas.
Eine Marienstatue, wie sie in katholischen Gegenden der Schweiz zu finden ist.  

 Miriam and Charlotte have climbed a mountain.  (Good that they later got to see the real thing).
Miriam und Charlotte auf dem Gipfelkreuz eines Berges.  (Gut, daß sie später dann einen wirklichen Berg in der Schweiz bestiegen haben).  

 Feeling the cold ice in the Swiss mountains.
Das kalte Eis in den Schweizer Bergen anfassen.  

 On to Sardinia.
Weiter geht es nach Sardinien. 

 Laundry hanging outside
Die Wäsche hängt draußen.  

 On to Niger: digging for fossils.
Weiter nach Niger: Nach Fossilien graben.



 Walking on a simple suspension bridge: Peter and Veronika
Auf der Hängebrücke: Peter und Veronika

 Jonathan and Miriam
Jonathan und Miriam


 Survival box



 "Diving" to see the fish
Tauchen, um die Fische zu sehen. 

 Alaska (I didn't take any good pictures here)
Alaska, leider sind meine Fotos von hier gar nichts geworden.


 Standing on a hallig and watching the water rise.
Auf einer Hallig, wo man das steigende Wasser beobachten konnte.  

 Theodor Storm

 Quotes from one of my favorite books.  

 Building a house on a hallig and hoping that the high tide won't flood it.
Konstruktion einer Hallig mit Haus, wobei man versuchen muß, sie so zu bauen, daß die Flut das Haus nicht zerstört.  

Taking the train back home to Bremerhaven.
Wieder mit dem Zug zurück nach Bremerhaven.  



  1. What an amazing concept! I really want to go now!

    1. Wouldn't it be neat to design a similar route starting by ones own position on the globe? I've been thinking about doing that with my children. Maybe you could go and visit the museum once. It can't be too far from you, at least when I think about the distance from New York.

  2. yes, what a fun exhibit! what a unique idea! it's a great way to study culture and geography! we have a globe and i love following the longitude and latitude lines to see how nyc and long island relate to other countries. we're really quite far south. germany is way north! no wonder we get such horribly hot summers.

    speaking of hot summers . . i hope all of you are slowly adjusting. we were at the natural history museum today, and i brought my sweater because i knew the air conditioning would be freezing. it was difficult acclimating to our hot apartment again. right now there is a glorious breeze from the river . . i truly feel blessed that it's blowing. for the past few years these summer breezes off the river weren't happening. thankfully, they are here for this summer. and how is it by you? did it feel wonderful to be in your lovely home again? how is julius???!!! he must have missed you. the children must be so happy to see him.

    lots of love to all of you . .

    and "mangia" means "eat" in italian!! mangia! mangia!! maybe it's italian american!

    1. My parents are always surprised to see that we have the same latitude as Italy! NY doesn't not look like Italy, though. It is not as hot as it was, but we still have some fans running. When we went to church on Sunday, they had the air-conditioning on. This is the first summer with air-conditioning in that church. Our pastor doesn't like the heat and had it installed last year. I did not like the cold wind blowing on me from the left side during Mass. That was quite disturbing. I never had a problem in the summer in church here so far. I thought it was kind of sad when they put the air-conditioning in. I don't like air-conditioning, but I also don't like hot and humid summers. I guess I should move north again. So nice you get a breeze! When I look up, I always check NYC so see how you are doing. I feel sorry when I notice that your temperatures are even higher than ours.

      Julius got quite heavy while we were gone. The place he goes to is very nice with cats, but they don't feed them the way we feed Julius. He also got really dry skin. Now he gets is regular food again and gets to run outside all the time. That is very good for his health. Everybody wanted to pick him up right away after we had come back. We picked him up the day after our arrival. Now he is gone for most of the day and the night, roaming through the neighborhood. He looked happy to see us, though.

      Thanks for explaining "mangia." The French is "manger" and there is a German word for eating a lot, called "mampfen." I wonder if they are all related.

      It's nice to be back home. I do miss many European little things, but I have been in this country for 20 years now (I still can't believe that this is true myself) and to me this has become home. I do like our little house with all its imperfections and flaws and I do like our small village here. It was nice to see the driver who picked us up at the airport even though it was past midnight. He works for the college and he and his wife also homeschool their children. Just seeing a familiar face was so moving. Many people have come over within this short amount of time to talk to us, today I went onto campus to the bookstore and ran into one of the students who was with us in Vienna. The children have rediscovered all their toys and books. Now we are trying to find a new rhythm with our studies, but we are also still putting things away from our trip. Thanks so much for asking. I wish I could come by and tell you more about our trip.

      Love to you and I hope the temperatures have also dropped a little for you.

  3. p.s. good ol' bremerhaven. so nice to see you traveling around northern germany! and i loved the pictures of the beach!

    1. I bet it hasn't changed much. Bremen hasn't either. I still find my way around :).

  4. me again, eva! do you have a recommendation for a translation of der schimmelreiter? i'd love to read it. also, do you have a recommendation for a german textbook? not too beginner . . not too advanced . . just wondering. thanks for your help!

    1. You are welcome and good luck with the new books.

  5. Toll!!!! Wir haben es gleich auf unsere "To-Do-Liste" gesetzt!

    1. Ich habe mir gedacht, daß Euch dieses Museum bestimmt gefallen würde.


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