Thursday, May 3, 2012


What are we reading these days?  Was lesen wir im Moment so?

Jonathan: The Magna Charta and Der arme Heinrich
Charlotte: Little Women (Betty und ihre Schwestern) und Das Blumenkörbchen (The English version is called The Basket of Flowers.)
Miriam: Misty of Chincoteague (auf Deutsch: Misty)

Veronika was doing better today and nobody else got a fever.  We have done quite a few experiments on sound and electricity recently.  Miriam has been studying weights for over a week now, but I never find enough time to write about all those.  We are also planning my little sister's stay.  She is coming in a few weeks.  Everybody is already quite excited.  That's it for tonight!

Veronika ging es heute besser und bisher hat es keine neuen Fieberfälle gegeben.  Wir haben eine ganze Menge Experimente zur Klanglehre und auch zur Elektrizität in den letzten Tagen gemacht.  Miriam beschäftigt sich schon seit einer Woche mit Gewichten, aber ich komme nie dazu, darüber ausführlicher zu schreiben.  Wir planen auch den Besuch meiner kleinen Schwester.  Sie kommt in einigen Wochen und alle freuen sich schon sehr.  Jetzt wünsche ich allen eine gute Nacht (bzw. bald einen guten Morgen).  


  1. Hope all the sick folks are feeling much improved. How lovely to have a visit from your sister, what a treat for you all.

    Love to you San xx

    1. Veronika only has a cold now, but Miriam seems to have a fever. I hope that this is just a child's virus.

      My sister will first visit her friend in Ecuador before coming here. What an interesting experience for her. She is going to stay for a week to celebrate Miriam's First Holy Communion with us.

  2. hello eva,

    how exciting to have your little sister come and visit! and i know how you feel about trying to post everything . . all the studies are very interesting, but there isn't time to write about each and every one! have a good weekend i'm glad veronika is feeling better.

    1. Yes, especially all those experiments! I'm not a science person (my majors in college/at the university were catholic theology, Englisch, and German), but they are part of a well-rounded education, I suppose.

      My little sister is 26 and just finished a bachelor in business. She is looking for a job right now. She is 18 years younger! She could be my daughter . . .


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